Rainy Day Chalk Pictures.

I promised the monsters last week that we would go outside and do some pavement art with their new tub of chalk, then the weekend hit and the rain came and as of yet, as I type this it is Monday, it still hasn't gone away, and isnt going anywhere anytime soon, yep I thought it was Summer too!!! Anyways I haven't let that put us off and seeing as Monday's #TATSummerFun was chalk I spent Sunday night grating chalk for some rainy day chalk art...

What You Need:
Chunky Chalk

Wellies and Waterproofs.
Watering Cans Optional!

In advance use a coarse grater and grate the chalk, I used 6 sticks of chalk, 2 in each colour we had, next time I would do more as it had gone pretty quickly (bear in mind that I did have 3 children taking part) you should be left with something like this...

This photo was after grating 1 of each colour chalk sticks .

You don't really need any instructions for this...get your waterproofs on and get outside for some rainy day fun! Throw the chalk powder into the ground, wet ground works better than 'puddly' ground. And if the rain stops? Get the watering can or the hose out!

Then the chalk sticks came out...


Well Done Jenson!

And then the rain stopped, albeit temporarily, and we washed our pictures away with the watering cans!

We had lot of colourful, wet fun with our crushed chalk art and say its definitely one of our fave things to do in the rain...it may even be better than jumping in puddles! 

Our finished masterpiece...