Alphabet Pegs Busy Bag

As you may have guessed right now the monsters are mad about letters, be that spotting letters from their name in shops, on signs, on anything to singing the phonics songs (serious if I hear ants on my arm once more my head may explode!) I want to further their exploration and encourage learning so I have made this super easy and cheap to make Alphabet Pegs Busy Bag.

What you need:
wooden pegs
marker pen
my first words board book

I made these simply by using a pack of wooden pegs from Poundland and a marker pen, I wrote a (lower-case) letter of the alphabet on each side of the peg, making sure that I made a few extra vowels and some recognisable upper case letters too, so that they could attempt their names and other familiar names like Mummy, Daddy etc.

I also popped a my first words board book in the box so that they can have a go at matching letters to familiar words...

Jenson has since added his name card from preschool, which was a great idea of his! I think I am going to make some more up with familiar names on!

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