The Week That Was...11th-17th July 2015

So its been a long times since I did this kind of post, but it is one of my fave kind of posts to do so I want to get back in the habit of writing them again! 

Home Life.

1. Ellie had a hair cut!

2. The weekend was a nice relaxed one! We spent Saturday at home and on Sunday we enjoyed a trip to the theatre to see Basil Brush Full On Fox Tour.

3. We got our bake on! Well, I say we...I mean Ellie and Jenson! They made these scrummy Shortbread Twirls...

4. Also the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get back in the routine of doing an activity in the morning's and afternoon if I can, it mostly means that the days go more smoothly, especially with Jenson as his favourite words now seem to be ''but I'm bored...'' this week the monsters have enjoyed water play, painting, making, sticking.

5. Jenson had his sports day, and just like his Nativity, he broke down when he saw us and it took ALOT of persuasion and 3 races in he finally decided to join in!

6. Evie was poorly on Wednesday, I have no idea what was wrong with her other han a high temperature but she didn't move from the sofa all day bless her!

7. On Thursday we went along to the Skegness Lifeboat Station's annual Charity Bike Night...I should have been at boxercise but instead I was eating hot dogs and ice-cream!!! But don't worry as you read this I will will have worked hard in my personal training session (Saturday lunchtime!).

Blog Life.

1. I am finally all caught up on reviews and sponsored posts...I must remember to take less on!!

2. In my last The Week That Was post (back in May) I mentioned that there was a bit of a blogger collab coming up. For anyone who has missed it, that collaboration is the Kids Make and Bake Club, be sure to go check it out to see what my monsters and 5 other bloggers babes have been up to!!

4. Myself and Leandra (larabeeuk) announced the Toddler Approved Tuesday #TATSummerFun Play-Each-Day Instagram Photo Challenge! We would love you to be a part of it too!

3. I have a couple of giveaways running. You can win a Ji Ji Kiki Necklace and I also have a giveaway for some Fruit Heroes Snack Bars.

5. I have had a couple of very exciting emails fall into my this space, with your fingers crossed, to see if they come off!!

6. Did I tell you Ellie has started blogging? She is over at Adventures Of A Tween (Love From Ellie)

Things To Look Forward To and Inspiration For The Week Ahead...

1. Things to look forward to: Teddy Bears picnic at pre-school (Mon), End of the school year (Wed). 

2. Starting our 7 Weeks of Summer Fun Bucket List!! 

Mums' Days

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