Staying Sane & Making The Most Of The Summer Holidays.

 So as we approached the last few days of the school term I realised that I needed a plan of action if I was going to stay sane during the 6 week summer holidays! So on Tuesday night I spent a (couple of) hours researching activities and places to go through out the summer holidays for our play planner, it currently looks like this:

I had loads of people commenting on my Instagram and Facebook asking what I was up to, and wanting inspiration so I have come up with a quick list of things that I have found useful:

Firstly we have already came up with a Summer bucket list, these are a great idea to make the most of your time together as a family and ensures that everyone gets a say on what you do! How many times do you here from older children ''We never do what I want to do!'' why not decide together a a family some new things you would like to do, places to visit etc.

Ellie has a FREE PRINTABLE ''I'm Bored Bingo'' Board over on her blog, Adventures Of A Tween, why not download it, or make up your own?

On the actual play planner I have used 3 colours, purple, green and blue.

In purple I have Mamavsteacher Imagination Matters play prompts which I will use as prompts for the toys I and books that I try and rotate weekly.

In green are daily activity prompts using the ‪#‎TATSummerFun‬ play prompts Instagram challenge.

In blue are event days at places like the local SureStart childrens centre, shopping centre's, town centers, nature reserves, national trust sites, heritage sites etc. (Most of which are free so well worth researching and checking out!)



  1. Such good ideas! brilliant thank you #justanotherlinky

  2. Good ideas. I wish I had done something like this actually. It's hard to know what to do with the kids every day isn't it.

    Thanks so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky :) Hope to see you again this week x


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