On Our Bookshelf...Little Tiger Press.

I've shared with you on many occasions how much we love books and so I thought I would start a new monthly feature of whats on our bookshelf. This month I am sharing (some of) our Little Tiger Press books. From lift the flap books to board books to sticker books and activity books there is something for all on our little shelf of delight...

Use the clickety-clackety clock hands to tell the time from breakfast until bed! Clockodile is the perfect teacher for little learners and his friend Robbie Robot is on hand to explain digital time too!

Jenson has loved this book! Although he cant me what the time is, he does know that when a clock looks a certain way that that is breakfast time, that its 'get ready for pre-school' time, tea time and bedtime. This book is a great introduction to clocks and telling the time. And for the little ones, Evie and Elsie, they enjoy the click clack clock and the bright illustrations. 

 2. My Favourite Bedtime Rhymes and My Favourite Nursery Rhymes. (£5.99)

These 2 are definitely Evie's favourites! We read these about 1 billion times in a week! (OK maybe a slight exaggeration there!) and where as most of our other books get rotated around these 2 are standing the test of time and have yet to be swapped with anything!

 3. I Spy On The Farm. (£5.99)

One of the kids fave games to play whilst travelling whether we be in the car, train or walking, is I Spy.  We manage to play it all together by I Spying for something beginning with a letter, something a certain colour, or shape and for Elsie we say I Spy and say what we can see and she has to find it and shouts there! So this I Spy On The Farm sticker activity book is perfect for those 'I'm bored' moments! As you go through the book searching for hidden objects, colours and shapes and completing the fun activities each page is full of fun!  The best thing about this book? The wipe-clean pages and 100+ reusable stickers, you can pull this book out time and again. 

4. Funtime Sticker Activity Books (£5.99)

Another great pair of activity books, and the newest addition's to our book shelf, I know these will be a hit with the monsters, 40 pages of fun including play scenes for the stickers, puzzles, mazes, doodles, colouring and fun questions on every page, it's perfect for my preschool learners.

5. Peek Through Forest. (£6.99)

This is possibly one of my most favourite children's books, it is just such a pleasure to look at. With gorgeous pictures on every page along with fun facts, can you find's, lift the flaps and peek-a-boo holes. My little monsters have loved this book, learning facts that Jenson has taken great pride in telling his teachers that woodpecker tap on trees to find insects and Evie has enjoyed playing I Spy.

 And Elsie's favourite part? The peek-a-boo holes and lifty flaps with animal hiding underneath!

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  1. Those bedtime books look perfect for my little two as u really need to start reading them more bedtime stories xx


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