Getting Ready For Summer with Chemist Direct. Review.

A few weeks ago the lovelies at Chemist Direct got in touch and let me choose some products from their website. I mostly chose stuff from their travel shop to prepare for the summer but also grabbed a few more bits too!

So first up...Who are Chemist Direct? ChemistDirect is the UK online retailer of pharmacy medications, specialist skincare products, everyday essential toiletries, vitamins, supplements and they even stock a dedicated range of products to keep your pets happy and healthy. With a much arger range than your average High Street pharmacy whilst still being able to fulfill prescriptions via their team of GPhC registered pharmacists.

As I headed over to the website I was unsure of what to expect, I had been given a £50 voucher and wasn't sure what I wanted other than something for mine and Ellie's hay fever and some sun cream. So first up I headed to their Travel Shop and searched their hay fever and allergies section. Now with four kids, my need for 'branded' stuffs went out the window way back so I searched to see what 'cheaper alternatives' they offered.  This was really easy to do, especially as the 'cheaper' options tell you what brand they are an alternative for...I liked this lots and was able to get a lot for my money! I got 6 months worth of non branded hay fever tablets for £6.72! Not only was it cheaper than Zirtek (which costs £3.19 for 7 days) but because I bought in bulk I saved a whopping £76!!! I'll let you take that in...SEVENTY SIX POUNDS!

I also grabbed some liquid hayfever medicine for Ellie as well as some nasal spray and allergy eye drops.

Next I searched for some sun cream and wow they have some ace deals! Lots on offer, Buy One Get One Free...which is lucky really because if you take a look at my image above you will see just 1 bottle of sun cream...because as per 1 has gone walkies just as the sunshine kicks in for the summer! 

After I had done with the travel shop I had a look around at some of their offers, and found a great offer on Oilatum Junior (Eczema Treatment Duo) and also grabbed some Lil-lets for teens as, well Ellie is getting to that age and well its best to be prepared isn't it!

Optrex Allergy Eyes Eye Drop £5.19

Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray £2.98

Hayfever Syrup Peach Flavour £2.55

30 Days Allergy & Hayfever Relief x 6 £6.72

Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Day Towels With Wings £1.59

Oilatum Junior Bath Formula & Cream £14.80

Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Resisto Swim SPF50 x 2 £17.69 

In all I found the Chemist Direct website easy to use and navigate and it was sooooo cheap AND the delivery was super fast! I opted for standard delivery and it was with me in just a couple of days. I will definitely be going back! 

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to use on the Chemist Direct website in return for an honest review.

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