Be Prepared For THOSE 3 Words This Summer With This Book (Review)

How many times a day do you hear THOSE 3 little words? Said with so much conviction you think they might burst? Those 3 little words that strike fear in many? Yep 'Mum, I'm Bored' the 3 words we can guarantee to hear a lot of over the next few weeks (even though you have been out the house since 7am been to the beach, park, zoo, theme park AND aquarium!!!) But worry not you fabulous Mum you, just pull Andy Seed's The Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Things To Do out and peace will be restored!

This book has become my saviour! Literally the last few weeks we have had it, I have been saved by many (and I mean many, as any parent with a tween will know!) an arguement with a bored 10 year old. You know when that time of day kicks in around 5pm when they have been home long enough to be on the brink of death by boredom and in the horizon you see it...a big ol' tantrum ready to steam its way in! 

Fear not my lovelies, for Andy Seed has come to every parents rescue and saved the day!  With this ''The Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Things To Do'' 

Full of plenty to keep boredom at bay with spaces for scribbles and challenges to complete..


Fun (and some bizarre) Facts...


Jokes and much more...

This has been our saviour and I know we will be pulling it out on more than one occasion over the summer holidays. It's also nice to see her head buried in a book instead of hovered over her phone or ipad, I also like that it encourages communication, with so many jokes and facts to share, it was nice to chat with Ellie (and learn something new...did you know that the Eiffel Tower is as high as 32,400 wine gums? matter how pointless they may seem!). 

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