Number Recognition and Counting with Moshi Monsters.

With Jenson's first day of school fast approaching (*sob*) I have been trying to do a few more educational activities at home, in a fun way so he doesn't actually realise he is learning! He loves stickers and Moshi Monsters so this was a great way to include them both and learn some number fun!

What you need:

A handful of Moshi Monsters
Number Stickers (ours were 59p from Home Bargains)
Coloured paper

I set out the invitation to play and we sat and explored the numbers and the Moshi Monsters, we talked about the colours, the numbers, we counted how many eyes etc some of the Moshi's had and then we sat and tried to find the stickers in number order. 

As we did this we stuck the numbers to the top of our paper and when we had done we counted out the correct number of Moshi's for each number. 

Jenson loved this and sat for ages sorting the Moshi's for counting. We also sorted them by colours (so we found 1 pink Moshi, 2 blue Moshi's, 3 green etc etc) Jenson also looked at the Moshi's and counted their eyes and placed them under the correct number.