5 Ideas For...Playing with Dinosaurs

I don't know about you but my monsters are FASCINATED with Dinosaurs! I am pretty sure that there isn't a child in this world who doesn't love them. 

1. A 'Dino-land' Sensory Bin.

Photo from Clares Little Tots(link below)

Dinosaur Small World Sensory Play - jelly, shreddies, glass stones, bark and rice. Ideal for toddlers and pre schoolers

The monsters loved this when we did this last year. It reminds me I must start sensory boxes again, they get so much use from my guys. Dean once said that this kind of play was pointless, why not just play with the dinosaurs on the carpet, but if you take a look over at Clares Little Tots you can see all the fab learning benefit's children get from sensory play. 

2. Water Play with Dino-Eggs.

Photo courtesy of Stopping At Two (link above)

What toddler wouldn't want to play with icy dino eggs!

3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus or T-Rex available - Kitchen Rules
Photo courtesy of Tickle Fingers (link above)

I adore these biscuits from the fab Annabel at Tickle Fingers, using 3D cookie cutters from Kitchen Rules. they just look awesome!

4. Books.

Lots of lovely Dino books over at Californian Mum In London.

5. Dressing up box!

Photo from Hey Mommy Chocolate Milk (link below)

Why not make some cardboard dino feet, like these from over at Hey Mommy Chocolate Milk.