Mozzarella and Sweetcorn Minion Baked Dippy Fritters | Cooking With Kids

Isn't it amazing the power of a character...I mean all I would have to say is Green Giant and you would all know who I mean...He alone is enough to make the monsters eat sweetcorn, but right now with the Minions gracing the tins too? Well right now there is no stopping them!

I'll be honest I have NO idea the names of the cute little yellow 'things'...I mean apparently I even say Minions wrong (Ellie always corrects me!!!) but the kids adore them! They will quite happily sit and watch Despicable Me, 1 and 2, back to back! Which is fine by me as it mean I can get lots done!  So anyway back to the post...when Tots 100 got in touch and asked us to be part of the #GreenGiantMinions challenge we, off course said yes! 

As you know I try and encourage independent baking and so Ellie got thinking about the things she could make...She had a list but we eventually decided on these that she has called Mozzarella and Sweetcorn- Green Giant, of course- Baked Dippy Fritters! 

What You Need: (makes 12 fritters) 

60g Plain Flour
2 cans of Green Giant Sweetcorn
2 eggs 
Handful Mozzarella

Ellie and Jenson were able to make these independently, as well as researching a recipe and implementing it. I am so so proud of Ellie for these so here we go, here is what you need to do:

1. Put all of your ingredients into a bowl.

2. Mix it all together.

3. Spray a non stick muffin tin with frylight.

4. Spoon the mixture into the muffin tin so they are level to the tin and bake in the oven, Gas Mark 6, for 10-12 minutes, or until golden. 

5. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce and some dippy vegetables. The monsters here choose ketchup and mangetout.


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