Its Almost Here...BritMums Live 2015...And I'm Kinda Shi**ing It!!!!

This post started as a small comment on the Britmums Live Facebook page but its somehow become a post (as I was worried that people would think I was a bitt weird...and a it of a moaner...and one of those who fish for compliments) you see I'm starting to feel REALLY REALLY nervous about the thought of it makes me feel sick, makes me feel dizzy! I know I shouldn't bother about what people think about me, but I am bothered...

I’m going to BritMums Live

I think it comes from another conference I went to when a bigger blogger asked 'I'M SORRY...BUT WHO ARE YOU?' I know I probably took it the wrong way but it wasn't said in an affectionate way, in fact rather yelled at me in the small group of 4 big bloggers I was stood with and it has knocked my confidence a bit. 

It made me feel like a fraud, like I shouldn't have been there, like why was I even in the same room as said blogger let alone at the same conference! 

So as we head into the final countdown for the UK's BIGGEST and BUSIEST blogging conference...why should little old me be there...why should I be gracing of some of the biggest bloggers on the block? 

Its actually bothering me so much, I'm sat here crying about it and contemplating not going at all....I know, I know....PATHETIC!

I wrote a 'wish list' of people I want to say hi to last night...I probably won't talk to even one of those on my list, scared of what they are going to think of me...scared they will judge me. Scared they will be stood thinking WHO EVEN IS SHE?


  1. Oh no I can't believe someone said that to you how rude. I feel exactly the same I am nervous and worried and no nobody at all and have been contemplating cancelling the whole thing. I hope I get to see you to say hi xx

  2. You're on my list! Thing is, I'm awful with names and faces... but I have also learned in my attendance at one single bloggers event, that many people have few social skills! Chin up chuck. You're a legend xx

  3. Oh no....Such a shame your confidence was knocked like that! I think I would have burst into tears. There are certainly nicer ways to ask who you are!! Sending you big hugs!! It is not pathetic that you are feeling this way but I bet you are not the only one! You are braver than I am....I haven't had the guts to buy a ticket! I hope you end up having a great time at Britmums! x

  4. Oh sweetheart, I can't wait to meet you. We're going to have an absolute blast lady nerves or not, we'll be fine together xx

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