What We Watch...On Netflix.

Its time for week 2 of my 'What We Watch' feature, this week...what we watch on Netflix...the holy savior (or something like that) of parent's early mornings becoming lie-ins whilst kid watch the tablet!

So I downloaded Netflix so that I could watch Breaking Bad and series for me, but it would seem, that actually it is mostly used the monsters in a 'please let me have an extra hour in bed here's the tablet watch netflix' kinda way! And then YouView/Talk Talk added Netflix to the services they provide so we now have Netflix on the TV too! So when Cbeebies and the Disney Channel no longer work we can click on Netflix and life will be peaceful again...well as peaceful as life with 4 children can be!

Heres a screen shot of the last few programmes we watched...

Current faves (of the monsters NOT mine):

 1. Pee-wee's Playhouse.

A late 80's American children's television program starring childlike Pee-wee Herman. Possibly the most annoying voice and laugh to EVER grace my TV screen! And lucky for me there are 5 whole series, that's 45 episodes, to stream AND a movie! Ohh lucky me!

2. Teletubbies.

If you don't know who the Teletubbies are where have you been? 5 (fat) puppets with TV's on there tummy's. They cant talk properly and are mega annoying! Luckily Netflix only has 13 episodes. Unluckily for me I have watched all 13 of these approximately 100 times each! 

3. Max and Ruby.

Now apparently  Max & Ruby are brother and sister BUT I have watched most of the 52 episodes (on multiple occasions) Netflix has to offer and well I am yet to see an adult whom lives in the same house as them! Ruby is possibly the bossiest big sister I have ever laid eyes on (after Ellie of course!) and Max is usually getting into some sort of trouble and or being naughty! They are often seen catching a bus...on their own, walking to Grandmas...on their own. 

Other favourites include Peppa Pig (obvs), Dinosaur Train (which I actually quite like), Fireman Sam and Team Umizoomi

When Ellie gets a chance to watch her programmes she choses the ever annoying ICarly or something similarrly annoying. She also enjoys Horrible Histories, which actually I quite enjoy! 

And me? On the off chance that i get a free hour or so I will catch up on Breaking bad! You can find my other Netflix faves HERE!

What do your little ones, and if you ever get a chance to watch Netflix what do you watch? Have you seen the above? And what do you recommend? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Oh god, you poor woman!!! The teletubbies!! That would drive me insane, but I get the feeling Luke would quite like it. :( We are big fans of The Dinosaur Train too, I really like it. I always get the theme tune stuck in my head and knowing cool stuff about dinosaurs is awesome. Rayxx


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