The Ordinary Moments. #2 Feeding The Ducks

Now the nicer weather has finally arrived, that is at least it seems, I have been trying to get out and about once we have dropped Jenson at preschool instead of heading home to watch yet another series of Milkshake Monkey or Peppa Pig or Teletubbies (yawn!). It has meant dropping Elsie's mammoth afternoon nap to a shorter morning nap but it has meant she has been sleeping in until at least 6.30 instead of the usual 5am wake up call!!

The girls favourite thing to do at the minute is to go and feed the ducks..or indeed just stand in quiet and watch the ducks some days if we don't have bread for them! 

The two of them standing on the bridge holding hands as we watch the ducks swim underneath us is just heart melting-ly cute.  Watching excited little feet hop one to the other as they wait to see who's pooh stick appears first. Happy but scared hands grabbing my legs as the ducks surround us for the goodies we hold. The first mutterings of a 'quack-quack' from Elsie. The look of love from one sister to another as they share the bread bag and take turns to throw lashings of bread squares to the ground. 

The ordinary moments when you can just stand back, enjoy being a Mummy and watch your children play happily, together in the Spring sunshine.