Taking A (Linky) Break.

Hey guys...So I have been feeling a bit like *BLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHH* the last few weeks....

A linky on holiday....get it!! He he!!

A bit like I've got this, this, this, this and this to do. And the majority of the 'this's' (is that a word!) are link ups, both link ups that I join and host. 

After a little chat on Facebook with some ace bloggers I have decided to take a little linky break. Both link ups I host and that I join. 

This week Toddler Approved Tuesday will be hosted by the lovely Rachael at Lukeosaurus and Me and the week after by Jenny at Monkey and Mouse.

The aim of the break is that I can focus on the posts for me. There might be less posts...there might be more posts. Who knows! I will be blogging as I feel like it, for fun. Not because I feel like I have to join a link up, and slowly I will start linking up again and not feeling like like is one big rush to link up and comment. 


  1. Enjoy your break, lovely! :) Ray xx

  2. Good on you! Everyone needs a break now again! x


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