Professor Scrubbingtons Review

We are always on the look out for things to make bath-time a bit easier, I mean the kids love playtime bath time..but wash time bath time, erm well not so keen! I like products that are easy to use, and child friendly! 

Our package arrived in the coolest ever box, like a suitcase filled with crinkly bright blue paper and our 5 products nestled inside! I was in love from the moment the postman arrived! The monsters also loved the packaging and as they fought over what was inside I thought to myself this was a bit of a mum win and maybe...just maybe brighter, happier bath-times were in sight!

The products are mainly aimed at Primary School children, but with Ellie turning into a little lady before my very eyes she wants something a little more grown up and is starting to edge toward the teen/young adult market of beauty products thanks to the likes of Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, Ellie now wants everything they have (and more!) I did however find them perfect for the younger monsters, the gender neutral packaging and fragrance and the fact that they want to do everything for themselves made Professor Scrubbingtons the perfect bathtime buddy!

The products, which have just been launched, are exclusively available online at

So far there are 5 products in the Scrubbingtons range..

Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash. 

Perfect for the side of the hand basin, for those nights when a fight in the bath isn't worth it! Or simply after the toilet and before meal times. The pump is easy to use and Evie, Jenson and Ellie can all use it easily.

Magically Foaming Shampoo, Magically Foaming Conditioner and Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash 

They also do a roll on deodorant especially for little ones, this is great for us because the little monsters ALWAYS want a spray of mine and Deans deodorant so now Jenson has his own (and we are going to purchase on for Evie too...I would get one for Ellie too but she prefer to smell of flowers and the likes!) 

The best thing is you don't need loads of product as the title suggests that magically foaming action means a little goes a long way...that and the monsters thinking they are doing magic means bathtimes are not only fun but economical too!! 

All product are available on the Scrubbingtons website for £5 each (or a special discount and free postage given if purchasing all 5).