Fruity Chocolate Toast | Cooking With Kids

So every now and again the monsters like a breakfast treat, we usually save these for the weekends but this morning, a Monday morning school day, I was feeling generous...I was feeling like becoming the best Mum ever in the 10 minutes it takes to slice some fruit, toast some bread and erm open a jar of chocolate spread! This is also a great way to get fruit into the mouths of those babes who are a little bit fussy!

What You Need (Serves 4) 

4 slices of bread
chocolate spread 
8 strawberries 
3 bananas 

So we got into the kitchen and all had a job to do...Ellie was on toaster duty, Jenson on fruit duty and Evie on plate and cup duty.

Ellie loaded the toaster and thinly sliced 2 of the strawberries and Jensey got slicing the 1 banana...

As soon as the toaster popped the monsters were ready to spread their chocolate...

And load up their toast with fruit...

Ready for me to sneak a little side of fruit too (that's where the extra 2 banana's  and 6 strawberries went!) before they went to enjoy their chocolatey breakfast treat! 

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