Planning A Princess Party.

In 4 (and a half) weeks we will be celebrating our little Evie Belle turning the lat few months she has become princess crazy! It all started with watching Frozen at Christmas and swiftly moved on to the Disney Princess genre in general which then led to her first cinema trip to see the new Cinderella (who she calls Snow White...don't ask!) which has quickly led on to her wanting EVERYTHING pink, everything princessey, so it makes sense to have a princess party this year because I know she will love love LOVE it!

Decoration and Partyware.

Food and drink.

Party Bags.

You can follow our Pinterest Princess Party board HERE:

 Follow 3Princesses's board Princess Party on Pinterest.  

So since writing this post I have been shopping! Check out our Princess Party Haul below:


  1. Charlie says can he come as he wants some pink lemonade!

    1. Yeah you should totally come! Jenson would be rabid!!!


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