Perfect Popcorn from Tommy Tucker

I love really love it! So when Tommy Tucker asked if we like to give some of their popcorn a try of course I said yes! 

Along with our supercool vintagey looking popcorn tubs from Home Bargains, they were a GREAT addition to the party buffet table at Jenson's party recently. 

The popcorn went down a treat as kids ran of with the tubs and hid in corners to munch it all for themselves! I also believe at one point there was a popcorn pizza!

I personally managed to get a sneaky taste of the popcorn as I was serving up and it was amazing, nicely coated and just the right amount of flavour on each. It really was the best packet popcorn I have ever had, I cant wait for it to become available in the supermarkets, it will defintly be on our shopping list that's for sure!

Me and Dean are saving the multi flavour pack (sweet and salted in the same pack...HEAVEN!) for an upcoming date night with a takeaway, movie chocolate and popcorn!

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