Heroes Of The City Review

So as you know my kid's love You Tube! So when I heard about Heroes Of The City You Tube Channel, in an attempt to get them to broaden their viewing I, of course, jumped at the chance...

What Is Heroes Of The City?

Heroes Of The City is a cartoon, aimed at children aged 3-6, about rescue vehicles in a small town where everyone can be a hero!
 The main characters Pauli Police Car, Fiona Fire Engine and Calamity Crow, the mischief maker, can be found teaching the importance of friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other, an important message for us adults as well as children!

You can find Heroes Of The City HERE on You Tube. The You Tube channel is packed FULL of stuff for everyone! From the 26 episodes of Heroes Of The City, to games to play and crafts to make...all of my monsters found something to enjoy. They have, in the last fortnight,  watched the whole of series 1 on You Tube and played the games multiple times! Evie loves the Sketch and Guess games, Jenson wants to make every craft going (keep a look out for some Quick Crafts with Jenson inspired by some of Calamity Crows Crafting Show!)

You can watch an episode below, then be sure to go and check out the You tube channel for yourself (link above!)

Disclaimer: We were sent this goodie pack as a thanks for reviewing the You Tube channel, all opinions are our own.