Guess What? I'm Going to BritMums Live 2015! *Insert Excited Scream Here!*

I know....I know, I have mentioned it more than a few times but in just a few weeks I will be heading off to London CHILD FREE for a weekend of blogging fun and bloggy bestie catch up time...To say I am excited doesn't even cut it...

I’m going to BritMums Live

Maybe if you imagine a kid at Christmas in a sweet shop at Disney Land (that just about covers all excited quotes right?) then and only then will you be close to understanding how excited I am!

So grab a coffee and a biscuit and find out a bit about me in the I'm Going To Brit Mums Meme... 

Name: Becky

Blog: 3 Princesses and 1 Dude

Twitter ID: @3princess_1dude

Height: ermmmmm short!??!

Hair: shoulder length and dark (oh and grey in places, yes I am sobbing as I type that) 

Eyes: Green

Is this your first blogging conference? I am a first timer at BritMums, but have been to Tots Blogcamp twice.

Are you attending both days? oh yes!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? OK so I have a little list:

What are you wearing? Ermm I have no idea BUT it will probs be from Primark, and hopefully far removed from my Mummy uniform of leggings and a vest!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? I really want to grow my You Tube channel, and I really want to get better at photography so that I can warrant buying myself a snazzy camera!!! (I currently just use my iPad or my phone...I know not very blogger-esque!)

I'm hoping I will look like this, with a lovely fringe cut, no grey hairs and make up on HURRAY! (just need to make that hairdressers appointment!)

BUT more than likely you will probably find me looking like this: 

(with a mouthful of cake!)

See You There! 


  1. You will love it, I have been every year and really enjoy it. I am hopefully coming again this year, although we go away on the Sat so I may only be able to come up on the Friday. x

  2. I'm excited to read all about it. You'll have to tweet as you go along. The Grow Your YouTube sounds really great, I need to concentrate on that a bit more myself :) Nothing wrong with a picture of yourself with a mouthful of cake, my family have several billion similar photos that they try to blackmail me with. Who cares?! Cake is GREAT. Ray xx

  3. I love this you had me laughing at the list. I really hope i get to meet you and Beth as it will be so nice to meet other Britmums newbies. I too need to make a hairdresser appointmnet which is probably wishful thinking and i will be wearing Primark or if i am lucky new look, no fancy designer stuff for me xx

  4. Hahaha I need to get my hair cut too, but will most likely just look like my usual self as well ;) I love the level of your excitement and enthusiasm... not long to wait now (how many sleeps?)


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