5 Ideas For...Gardening With Kids

Did you see my Spring Bucket List? One of the things we really wanted to do was get started with  a veggie patch in the garden...well half way through Spring and we still haven't made a start! And I'm not sure its going to happen (unless I turn into Queen Nagger and keep moaning about it!) but it got me thinking about other ways we could attempt gardening with the monsters. So here are 5 Ideas For Gardening With Kids!

1. Wheelbarrow Herb Garden.

Now we use a lot of herbs in our cooking, well I say we...I mean I...I use alot of herbs so it makes sense to save some money and start growing them! I first saw this Wheelbarrow Herb Garden from My Bored Toddler a few weeks ago and since then we have been collecting seeds and have been on the hunt (ebay etc) for an old wheelbarrow we can upcycle! Perfect if you have limited garden area (and skills) don't you think!

2. Tin Can Fence Garden.

I love this...like seriously LOVE THIS so much! Its so fun and cute and so me! We are definitely doing this! keep a look out for our version of Ciera Design's Backyard Tin Can Garden Fence soon!

3. Grow Your Own Windowsill Garden.

There are lots of vegetables you can grow inside. Depending on the space you have available. But most towns will have somewhere for you to buy 'Grow Your Own' wether it be Tesco, a garden centre, B&Q or elsewhere. Last year we picked some up from Home Bargains so be sure to keep an eye out!

The easiest and quickest are (apparantly) tomatoes, peppers, chillies and strawberries. I must admit we grew strawberries last year and they are pretty low maintenance just remember to water them (we didn't) and your on! Oh and if all the above make you shudder in panic...Cress is always a good one for beginners as it grows within a couple of days and literally needs nothing but a good water and sunlight!

4.  Quick and colourful kids garden.

This Quick and Colourful Kids Garden from Simple Sister Blog is another adorable idea I just love, I can totally see all 4 of my monsters having a little section of the garden like the little girl above with their little watering cans...ooohhh it makes me want to go gardening shopping RIGHT NOW!

5. If all the above fail...nag nag nag and nag until you get your vegetable patch like this one from The Imagination Tree....

Will you be gardening with your little ones this Spring/Summer? Our have you in the past? We would love to see your pics over on the 3 Princesses and 1 Dude Facebook Page!