What We Watch...On You Tube.

So recently a lot of people have been asking me what or more who we watch on You Tube, who are my fave channels..and more so who do the monsters LOVE to watch! You may have seen me tweet my fave vloggers a few times but here they are in a list format and who I think you should be watching! So I thought I would kick of a new fortnightly feature 'What We Watch' with What we watch on you tube!

So we mostly watch You Tube as a group, myself, Jenson and Evie will squeeze up on the sofa (usually at a time in the day when they are been shits getting restless. So who do we watch who do I sit with my fingers crossed that they have uploaded a new video, or that I can quickly find an oldie we haven't watched yet...

As a rule (and literally if I didnt go to one of these 2 first....man would the monsters kick off!!!) we always check out Brummy Mummy of 2's channel and also Mrs Meldrum's channels first...have they saved my bacon and uploaded recently PERLLLEEEAASEE TELL ME THEY HAVE...

1. Brummy Mummy Of 2.

Following the adventures of Brummy Mummy Em and her 2 tots Erin and Ethan  usually an upload every week or two but in case of emergency I can click on this beaut below and peace and happiness will be resumed...

2. Mrs Meldrum.

The reason Mrs Meldrum is my channel of choice? Because I know she will have something to keep everyone happy! From her weekly 'what we have done' uploads that keep me and the monsters happy (BTW they are obsessed with baby Florence and Mini Meldrum (Safiyah) has a special place in Jenson's heart!) to clothing hauls which me and Ellie love! Ellie recently asked me, very excitedly, if I was going to meet Rebecca at Brit Mums Live in June.. she was very disappointed (a was I) to hear that she wasn't attending!

She was even brave enough (is that the right word?) to share Florrie Belles birth, Mrs Meldrum....I applaud you! 

3. The Gibblets. 

Ohhh I love this family, they just exude happiness and fun  in ever video. Their love for one another is clear from every video and perlease try and watch their videos without one of the littleys making you laugh! They are the cutest ever! Even in their Bean Boozled Challenge they are just lush...

If to be getting some job done and toys aren't doing the trick I will click on the following channels for the monsters to enjoy by themselves..

4. Kid Rated.

The kids love the Kid Rated channel, they love watching everyone's days out and especially love the #KidRatedLoves videos. They especially love this back to school video and have watched it numerous times!! Find out more about KidRated HERE!

5. Working With Lemons.

You, by now, all know about the OBSESSION of Frozen that has taken over the whole house. Therefore anything Frozen-esque is automatically loved by all...the monsters especially love this channel with their Frozen cover songs and videos!

Now Ellie is, what shall we say....a You Tube connoisseur and she filled me in on the channels I MUST BE WATCHING...serious if you aint watching these then your a no-body (apparantly!). 

6. Zoella and MoreZoella.

Ellie ADORES Zoella...what Zoella says GOES! Whatever Zoella has...Ellie wants! How Zoella wears her hair? Ellie wants to try it! I like Zoella and feel a bit sad that it has taken me so long to 'find out' about her. I mean she is what she is, she doesn't claim to be a brain surgeon and I think people should give her a break. 

7. Pointless Blog.

The same kind of thing as Zoella...but a bloke! Jenson also loves watching Pointless Blog and find Alfie HILARIOUS!

The ones I watch when I am (mostly) on my own...

8. Sprinkle Of Glitter/Sprinkle Of Chatter.

Ellie got me onto this channel as well. And well I adore Louise. I feel like she could be my little sister! She is just lovely and freindly and beautiful and funny. 

9. The Giggles Family. 

One I have only recently found and starting watching, Baby G is just adorable (see video below) and also if your looking for a video to watch go check out Mrs G's Draw My Life video. 

10. Katie Ellison at Mummy Daddy Me.

A beautiful, blog and you tube channel. You must check this one out!

11. Giovannas World.

One to check out if your looking for a friendly happy kinda place! Every video is so full of energy even though its relaxed....does that even make any sense! 

Who do you watch on You Tube? Who are your fave vloggers? What channels should I be watching? Do you have a channel? Leave me a comment and I will be sure to check them out!

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  1. I watch a lot of those too....
    Zoella is one of our faves and of course Alfie....Sprinkle of Glitter is just the nicest person isn't she. She is the type of person you would love as a friend....
    My girls are huge fans of the Sacconejolys....They got me watching them. lol

    1. She really is, I also enjoy watching her older videos too. Sacconejolys we do watch, the kids like them but I cant seem to get 'into it' maybe I need to watch them a bit more as someone else has mentioned them to! X

  2. Oh, there are some here that I haven't watched before! Really excited to watch some new vloggers over the weekend. Erin is possibly the cutest child ever, Brummy Mummy did well there, but sometimes I feel like i'm a bit of a creeper haha! Zoella/Sprinkle Of Glitter/PointlessBlog are all awesome, buttt you should definitely check out the SacconeJoly's ! They vlog every day and have like 7 dogs, a two year old and a (just turned) 1 year old. You've probably seen them on MoreZoella and PointlessBlogTV ! :) great list, my love! Ray xx

    1. Yep Ive watched a few of the Sacconejolys I subscribe but cant get into it. I will keep trying because everyone i speak to recommends them! X

  3. Thanks for the inclusion beauty. And I have some news. Sit down. I AM GOING TO MEET SPRINKLE OF GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a mega stalker I have paid for a meet and greet!!! I am going to vomit over her or be arrested x

  4. I love Zoella and Alfie, I have been watching them for years and years, even though I am probably far too old. ;) I also really like some of the others you have mentioned too! Thanks so much for including me- it really made me smile! x

  5. Oooh love this, I will be checking those I don't know out! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  6. I was just lay in bed thinking about doing some V Log watching and then your post came up in my Twitter feed, Jobsa.........


  7. Awww you absolute beauty thank you soooo much for including us in this!! :) And thank you for linking up to my link up :) xxx

  8. Ah thanks for sharing this. I never know what to watch on youtube! I do love Louise from sprinkle of glitter, her blog was the first one I ever read.
    Becky xx


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