What I Learnt At Blog Camp. 5 Blogging Myths BUSTED!

This weeks 5 Ideas For is a little different well as you may know, this weekend was Tots100 Blog Camp. I go to go out (minus the monsters!) for a whole blumming day and meet with friends and fellow bloggers for a day of bloggy learning! With lot of incredible sessions and, been a newbie blogger, lots to learn I thought I'd do a bit of a round up for fellow bloggers, about the stuff you thought you knew..

Can I start by saying I am no blogging maverick, these are just 5 things that have come to my attention. 5 things I thought I knew, 5 apparent myths that need squashing, for the bloggers starting out here are some...

1. You are de-valueing yourself AND other bloggers by accepting less than £X amount to host a sponsored post/review etc etc. And don't ever do free stuff. EVER!


Thank god this myth has been trampled on ! I was starting to feel extremely ungrateful if I said no to someone and then feeling a bit guilty when money was tight by accepting less than a certain amount. So you know if someone offers you £40 and you want to accept it...take it! Because genuinely at the end of the day if you nee it then do it. Because if you don't someone else will! And we cant all be Queen Bee bloggers right at the beginning it takes time and it takes work. And sometimes even the biggest professional bloggers accept £40 sponsor posts.

If you love a brand, or a company gets in touch and they want to feature on your blog but they have no budget to pay you take a step back and think. Is this something you could genuinely fit in? I mean by all means no one is saying every job you do should be for free, but if your quiet why not just say yes! This freebie could soon lead to something more. PR and brands remember kindness and if your kind they will be more willing to come back to you next time than the blog who made demands and refused to even listen to their emails. 

2. Follow/No Follow. You should ONLY ever do No Follow links. 


Adding a follow link isn't the end of the world. You are not the devil in disguise if you choose to add a follow link. Now I am no expert and I believe that if you do a follow link Google penalises you and the person who the follow link is too by not showing you so highly in google search. (Find out more about follow/no follow HERE) Doe this really matter? If you pop an occasional follow link, I shouldn't think it really matters, don't miss out on a great opportunity because you refused to add a follow link because you thought it was what you HAD to do.

3. Write great content and the brands will come to you. 


Just send that email already! The internet and blogosphere is huge! How are that company you love going to know about you if you don't tell them? Don't just follow them, tweet them, write on their Facebook, find their PR contact and email! Don't sit around waiting for the world to come to you, bite the bullet. Whats the worst that could happen? They say no..you move on! 

4. Find your niche and stick to it. 


The amount if times I've read those words find your niche...lets just say if I was paid I would be rich! I don't have a niche. Well other than the fact that I am a real Mum, a real woman! Some days I love baking...some days I love crafting. Some times I have enough money to take the family on expensive days out. Some times I'm so skint we have to stay in the house. I'm not going to limit my blog to just one thing when actually the reality is I enjoy and do ALOT! I don't just bake, I don't just craft,  I don't just go on expensive days out with my kids (to be fair our family of 6...even the cheapest days out are expensive, I don't just thrift my way through a weekend. I hope my blog shows this.

By all means if you do have a niche go for it.

5. Kindness Pays.


TRUE TRUE TRUE! I had started to think that sharing emails, sharing contacts etc was against the 'rules'. Burt lately I have started sharing with fellow bloggers, mainly friends because the few 'non friend' bloggers, well I will be honest...they ruin it for the rest. 

As I say kindness pays and maybe if a few more people learnt some manners and said please and thank you more people would share! Can you believe in the last couple of weeks I have shared contacts with people and after they get the email they want or the link they want I haven't heard from them, not even to say thank you!

Recieve an email that isn't for you? Dont ignore it! Email back with a not this time THANK YOU (remember manners are key here!) why not email back and ask if you can offer it out? You know a great blogger who fits why not share it! 

Like I said above kindness pays, and brands, bloggers and PR's will remember you as the one who helped out.

Mums' Days


  1. Fantastic post....
    I have posted things for free....Things I have been passionate about or really liked the look of. It really isn't all about the money!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your great tips. I haven't gone to a bloggers conference yet. They're a bit scarce around here.

  3. This is fabulous and hugely helpful!! X

  4. Some great advice here... thank you x

  5. Great list, great pointers, I love this, great advice for a newbie like me thank you!! #thelist

  6. Perfect advice! It's YOUR blog so make decisions for YOU!

  7. Thanks for the advice Becky! I was feeling a bit guilty about doing something for free the other day, but I liked the brand! You made feel a lot better about it. I need to try emailing brands too, not entirely sure how to go about it, but will learn. You are definitely a kind blogger in my opinion, you helped me a lot when I had just started. Thank you! :) xx

  8. Such a great post huni! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList xx

  9. I loved Becky's advice to do what feels right and be responsible for you and your family, not an entire industry :)


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