The Week That Was...4th April - 10th April 2015.

This week has been an odd one...full of highs and a few lows. As well as me been totally confused by what day it is!

Home Life.

1. Stepson D came to visit at the weekend, now he is away at boarding school we don't really see him as much a we wish but when we do have him its usually a bit rushed. So it was so nice to have him and it be relaxed and no rushes to get him back. Whilst he spend some time with his Daddy, me and Evie went to the cinema to watch Cinderella, it was her first visit and she was so well behaved and absolutely loved it! 

2. Sunday was full of Easter fun, egg hunts and family time, it was lush! 

3. Monday was my favouritist (is that a word!?!?) day of the whole year. We went for a drive out to Bolingbroke Castle and  after we finished there we had a car picnic and headed off for a nature walk around Snipe Dales Country Park. I know this probably sounds a bit boring to some of you BUT the monsters were so happy and Elsie had her first adventure on foot! She looked so cute in her little rain coat and wellies, her little chubby legs climbing up hills and through muddy puddles and long grass!! I will get round to writing a post, I promise but for now here are a few photos...

4. And that was that from Tuesday onwards my week pretty much down hill. Monsters not listening, Elsie decided that sleep wasn't for her..yep in just a few short days she had lulled me into a false sense of security thinking we had cracked the sleeping through the night by moving to a big girl bed! I know I shouldn't complain I mean she wakes up and quickly settles but I cant get by on so much broken sleep. And then on Wednesday night she decided that she wasn't going to sleep at all! *sob*

5. Wednesday and Thursday broke me. When I say the monsters were naughty I mean they were horrendous. I have never ever EVER known them be as naughty as they were. They brought me to tears. Literally I stood in the kitchen tears pouring down my face as I shoved a huge chocolate muffin in my face! 

6. Friday we went for a wander to my Mums house for a few hours and when we come home they all went to play out in the sunny garden. 

Blog Life.

1. Myself and Leandra had a successful Parent Idea Swap twitter chat on Monday. Thanks to everyone who joined in and remember you can still join the link up if you missed the chat. Share your 10 minute activities HERE!

2. There isn't really much more to say. It's been a very quiet bloggy week. I have kept on track with blog posts but don't really feel like I have gotten anywhere? Do you ever feel like that? 


I want to try and get back into a blog routine. It works well for me to have a 'theme' or 'feature' each day. I have just installed Evernote on all my devices so I am hoping this helps me out a little!

Also after our successful  days out on Monday, that proved you don't need money to have a nice day out so I will be searching for free places (and castles) to visit near by. If you know of anywhere in Lincolnshire pop them in the comments below and we can add them to our (at the moment, non existent) list of places to go.

Mums' Days


  1. I have a great place for you to visit - MEEEEE!!!!!
    I have chocolate muffins & tissues...!

    1. ha ha ha!!! I will be coming to see you before the year is over don't worry about that...I will be holding you to the promise of muffins though!

  2. I love catching up on what you've been up to - looks fab and I'm glad you were able to spend some quality time with your step-son xxxx But ultimately, you know I'm aaaaaaall over Bolingbroke Castle! Hahaha! So glad you had a great time, and yes, favouritist is word in my eyes. Only way you can describe some days out ;) The photos are gorgeous xxx

    Thanks for linking up lovely! #TheList xxxx


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