The Week That Was...28th March - 4th April 2015

This week marked the first week of half term, and I have to say I have had a great one day when the monsters were nightmares..we have kept busy with lots of activities and lots of Netflix!


1. Saturday saw Ellie go off to her Dad's for half term. We do miss her but I know she has such a fab time whilst she is away.

2. Me and Evie took a wander into town..I was a bit naughty and put her in the pram so I had somewhere to put the shopping and could get around quicker!! She loved having some Mummy time and look at the happiness when we found these Frozen Surprise Eggs in Poundland!!!

3. We made these AMAZING Easter Baskets for our egg hunt this weekend! Don't you just love them!

4. We also mananged a long awaited baking session and we made this super scrummy super easy (seriously toddlers can make these themselves!) Baked Blueeberry French Toast Muffins.

5. What else this week...we have had such a crafty making week! Easter cards, Easter bunting...Spring can find them all over on our You Tube channel as we have (tried) to keep up with some daily vlogs! 

(This boy..seriously he is just the cutest!!!)

6. The kids also really enjoyed toddler yoga, seriously go check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube, its great fun!

7. The Easter weekend started with a trip to the local seal sanctuary with my sister and niece. We had a fab time its a small place but we always have a good time when we visit. 

8. Oh and one last (pretty) big littlest last little baba...has left her cot and is sleeping in a toddler bed, she is coming up to 18 months old and I know people will say 'isnt she a bit small?' BUT the Jenson and Evie were both in beds at 15 months, and it helped them sleep through the night! She has been sleeping through without a bottle for a few weeks now but still wakes at least once (its an easy wake up...pop in to her room has a cuddle and back in bed but still, I'm dreaming of a solid 8 or 9 hours sleep!)  Now I just need to tackle that bedtime bottle!

Blog Life.

2. My most read post this week was: 'What A Woman Blogging About Body Image Taught Me'

3. Around the web: I loved this post about 'Whats Your Parenting Style' from What Katy Said, it inspired me to write my own post, Let's Beat The Mummy Wars, which you can read here.


1. Well for this I need you guys...I'm looking for some new vlogger channels to watch...comment below with WHO I should be following!

2. Also can you believe I didn't make any of those Easter baking ideas I shared with you..maybe we can get some done over the weekend!!

Mums' Days


  1. Aw sounds like you had a fab week, love all the fab crafty things you've been making! Hope next week is just as fun!

  2. Great week, and busy too!! All those crafts I wouldn't worry about the baking - you've been far too busy! Speaking of baking that french toast looks the bomb!

    thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList


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