Perfect Picnics with Drinkstuff

We love picnics, but more often than not we end up having to buy extra food because someone has spilled their drink over the picnic blanket and we end up with wet sarnies, soggy sausages and saturated Swiss rolls!  But I need not worry no more as the lovelies at Drink Stuff have send us the best picnic accessory ever...

Now first up I will say we have had some of these, glass Mason drinking jars, for a couple of months but they are heavy and the straw hole is large and if the glass gets knocked over drink still pours everywhere (grrrrrr!) but the kids love them so I have been on the hunt for plastic, child friendly ones. So when drinkstuff got in touch and asked if we would like to test out some of their products I, of course, said yes! 

After placing our order they arrived quickly and the kids were very eager to try them out (of course...when aren't they!) 

They are lightweight and perfect for little hands to grasp and think they have something really grown up! The straw hole is surrounded by a rubbery ring (??) that holds the reusable and strong plastic straw in tight and doesn't allow for any drink to spill out.

The straws are long enough to reach the bottom of the jar...which is another thing I was pleased to see! Its one of my pet peeves when you buy kids juice cups and they don't reach the bottom!

These really are perfect picnic accessories, they look great, the kids think thy have something grown up and they are perfect for camping weekends  in the caravan...even for us adults...Cocktails at bedtime? YES PLEASE!! 

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And just in case your looking for more homemade drink inspiration...

We were sent this product to try out all opinions and photos are our own.

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