Netflix Tag.

I HEART Netflix...I love Netflix even more now that is available on my you view box (thank you Talk Talk!!!!)  I noticed this tag come up on my twitter feed a few times so thought I would do it...even though I haven't been tagged (but shush...that is irrelevant) So here goes...

All Time Favourite.

Breaking Bad. I started watching in the New Year and was obsessed straight away! I love Walter's character and Hanks character too. And Pinkman...well what can I say *swoon*

Current Addiction.

Breaking Bad!! I watch it whenever I get a chance. When the kid are napping...when everyone has gone to bed...and actually even when I go to bed, I grab the Ipad and headphones and watch until I should be sleeping! 

The other night I had it on whilst blogging, my attention was not on the laptop, instead on the TV, and I manage to (somehow) publish a half written post and completely delete a scheduled post and I didn't realise until the next day! OOOPPPSS!


Ohhhh The O.C. I loved The O.C when it was on e4! I had the DVD box sets and somehow managed to loose them on one of my moves. 

Also American reality shows....Americas Next Top Model...Project Runway...Real Housewives...


Big Bang Theory
Geordie Shore....

Gosh this list could go on and on and on......

Pet Peeve.

I get annoyed with the library sometimes but at the same time I don't know what I get annoyed at, I just feel like it is missing something..something that makes it easier to find something to watch when you don't know what you want to watch!

Marathon Essentials. 

Seeing as I mostly watch at night coffee has to be number one on the list. And a blanket (or duvet), cushion (or pillow), snacks!

Whats On My List...

TV Shows.
Orange VS Black
Better Call Saul
Once Upon A Time
The September Issue

Identity Thief

You Should Watch...

Breaking Bad! End of...if you haven't watched it...WATCH IT!

Sherlock (although they don't have all series' available!)

I Tag:

Ally at Messed Up Mum

El at El and Baby A

Kim at Northumberland Mam

Steph at Mental Parentals

If you ih to join in..I'm sure I have seen you all tweet about Netflix!!

 And any one else who HEARTS Netflix...Let me know your recommended series or films and I will add them to my list!

Mums' Days


  1. Watch Arrested Development - it's hilarious! I also watched a film documentary called Blackfish - really sad & horrible but unbelievable. It's about sea world - watch it but not when thr kids are about

  2. Look forward to doing this one! My current obsession is Breaking Bad too. Part 2 of season 5,what will I do when it ends?? X

  3. I'm probably the only person in the country not to use
    Breaking Bad is fantastic isn't it....

  4. I'm not a netflix-re either and nor have I seen Breaking Bad - I'm a lover of crap to you know the property, cooking, decorating ones so although I'm hooked on Homeland and we're currently working our way through Lost so hopefully im not a totally lost cause! #thelist

  5. OK so I need to watch Breaking Bad - got it ;) We recently got Net Flix but I can't work our TV so have no idea how I'd even get it on. I must learn! Thanks for linking up to #TheList lovely xx


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