My Life. My Loves. My Family.

Whilst growing up my family always seemed, to outsiders, be made up of the 'norm', you know Mum, Dad, Brother, Sisters, Nan and Grandads, Aunties and Uncles, Cousins etc etc...It was always normal to me anyway. 

I use normal in a sense that erm, what the word family is perceived as. Because I still believe to lots of people family means 2 adults 2 children, with an Aunties and Uncle,  couple of cousins and 2 Nan's and 2 Grandads. Yes? 

Anyway as I was saying to an outsider it was your average family. But here is how my family was set up...

Mum and Dad (who lived together)
Brother and sisters (1 brother, 2 sisters...all younger)
Aunties and Uncles (many, 1 of whom is younger than me!)
Nan and Grandad 1 (Mum's side)
Nan and Grandad 2 (Mums side)

I'll stop there for you to re-read the bottom two. It isn't a typo. Both sets of Nan and Grandad were my Mums side my Mum's StepMum and Dad and her StepDad and Mum, we didn't know my Dad's Mum and Dad and so to everyone else it seemed normal that I had 2 Nanna's and 2 Grandad's. Until I got older and people started asking 'Is that your Mum's Dad or your Dad's Dad?' And people would say 'He isn't your Uncle if he is younger than you!' and at that point, as a 10 year old start feeling weird, and different to everyone else. In what was your safety net, your family, to everyone around you becomes WEIRD! 

Anyhow's I got older and it didn't bother me what people thought. What did we have that was common ground with all of my school friends and their families? 

Then when I was 21 I had Ellie. And she had the 'normal' family. That was until she was 5 months old and me and her Daddy split up. This was a whole new kettle of fish. We shared care, both met new partners and she had 2 normal families. Then when she was less than a year old my Mum and Dad split up (how it affected me is a whole other story, that maybe one day I will share but right Anyhow so now she had a Mum and Dad who lived apart and a Nanny and Grandad who lived apart. 

All of this was looking rather unconventional right! Anyhow it was never a problem to her or us. Until she got to around 3 years old and one day at nursery one of her friends parents came to collect this little girl together. Well that night all I had was questions. 'Why did A's Mummy and Daddy live together?' and 'Why did Nanny and Grandad (Dads side) live together?' she couldn't get her little head around it! I mean for all that was normal to her, 2 loving family's with a Mummy and partner and a Daddy and partner. Suddenly was different! Or at least she was noticing a difference. 

But the common ground in all my answers?

Eventually her Dad and partner got married and she got a baby sister,  can I say that I have never ever made it difficult for her Dad or that side of her family to see her EVER...I feel the need to say that, before I move on...Anyways during this kind of time, I split up with my partner and we moved away from where her Dad lived, as I say it was nothing spiteful it was just time to come home! (My family live 100ish miles away from Ellies Dad's family)

I eventually met Dean and he had a little boy from a previous relationship (who doesn't appear on this blog, as I don't know, I don't think his Mum would like it and I don't want to feel like everything I put on here is been checked upon by his Mum, I mean maybe she wouldn't care and maybe she already read and wonders why he never appears...anyways now its getting complicated lets get back to the story!) we got married and have eventually had children too...Evie, Jenson and Elsie, making Ellie's family bigger than ever! 

So compared to my family at age's Ellie's family at age 10...

Mum and Step dad (who live together)
Dad and Step Mum (who live together)
Brothers and sisters (2 brother's, 3 sisters...all younger than her and ALL just brother and sisters we don't have any of that 'half 'and 'step' talk around here!)
Aunties and Uncles
Nan and Grandad 1 (Mum's side)
Nan and Grandad 2 (Mums side)
Nan and Grandad 3 (Dads side)
Nan and Grandad 4 (Step dads side)
Nan (Step Mums side)
Great Nanny 1 (Mums side)
Great Nanny and Grandad 2 (Mums side)

Wow! Hows that for a family! All that 

Recently Evie and Jenson have started calling Ellie's Nan and Grandad (dads side) Nanny and Grandad too. At first I stopped them and corrected it....but now? I just go with it, you know a family is made up of love and my kids love them as much as they love other family members so why not? They certainly include them when they list their family to outsiders. Jenson recently told his pre-school teachers that he was going to see Nanny P and Grandad D at the weekend! 

So that is our family...

both an extended family AND blended family.

But most importantly?

We are a Loved family! 

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  1. Aww, lovely post and lucky Ellie to have so many people that love her! :-) x

  2. We are a blended family too. My daughter lives with me an her step father and we are the happiest ever! Nice to meet you:) Angela from

    1. Thanks for your comment Angela, its hard sometimes here, but we get their eventually!


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