Getting My Feet Flip Flop Ready.

Spring Time is HERE! Which means sooner or later I will be wearing sandles, flip flops, open toes...whatever you want to call them I will be wearing them! BUT right now, my feet resemble the Gruffalo's, they need some love and some attention and that, my friends, is where Superdrug come in!

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Superdrug sent me some much needed 'treats for me feets'...

They send me some Exfoliating Foot Scrub and also some Intensive Foot Cream from their foot care range.

The Exfoliating foot scrub contains jojoba seed oil and aloe vera to smooth and soften your feet before you moisturise with the Intensive Foot cream which contains aloe vera and vitamin b5.

The Foot scrub was easy to use, non greasy, quite thick and very soft  and very very easy to apply and contains just the right amount of exfoiliant (I cant stand it when have you have an exfoliator that feels like you are scrubbing a hand full of gravel into your skin!!)

You apply the cream in a circular motions, rinse off thoroughly and pat your feet dry. The amount above was just about enough for both feet.

Once my feet were dry it was time to move onto the Intensive Foot Cream, which again was really easy to use and although it initially felt quite greasy on my hands by the time I had rubbed it all into my feet it was completely grease free and made my feet feel amazing!

The Intensive Foot Cream was soft and easy to apply, it glided on easily as I have had some foot creams that seem to feel like I am rubbing cement into my skin!!!!

The Conclusion.

At just £3.49 each this duo is certainly not going to break the bank and available online and in stores they are accessible to everyone.

2 weeks on, 3 exfoliating treatments later and multiple uses of the intensive foot cream my feet are feeling loved again and they are more than ready to embrace the sun! I will definitely be buying these creams again once they have ran out!

Disclaimer: I received these product to review though all opinions are my own.

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