The Week That Was...7th-13th March 2015

Guess what? Its been a house of poorlyness again! Starting with Jenson ending with Evie and Elsie getting poorly in between! EURGH!

Home Life.

1. We spent Saturday at my sisters house, baking and playing outside in the spring sunshine. Huzzah for springtime!

2. Sunday was spend relaxing at home and blogger-spotting at Danceathon  (on the red button!) 

3. Oh my god it's clearly been a boring week, as I have nothing to talk about! Jenson was poorly Sunday night but was fine again for preschool on Monday so me and Evie have managed to have a couple of walks before she got poorly on Thurday night! (EURGHH!)  Check out her pose from our walk on Tuesday...

4. Jenson has been practicing his name ALOT this week...

5. In general it has been a week of poorly children and no sleep for me! *insert sad face here* Yet again I get Elsie into a pattern of not waking and then one of the monsters gets poorly and I up all night with them and then she gets poorly and we start the cycle again! 

Blog Life.

2. Competitions: Myself and Leandra are hosting a competition linked to our Parent Idea Swap go check it out!!

3. This week was my bloggy birthday BUT I forgot!!! What an idiot (I was positive it was the 18th March!!) So I made a list of things I am grateful for in my Happy Birthday post!

4. What else this week....Ohhhhhhhh I surprised myself and designed AND made my own Social Media Buttons and they work! EEEEEPPPSSS!! What do you think? I'll be posting a step by step next week!

5. Oh I bit the bullet this week and wrote a ''Sponsor Me'' post and also sent out a few sponsorship emails (RE: BritMums Live!)  and guess what? I got myself a sponsor! Just finalising and I will introduce them to you next week! Its a brand I have worked with a few times before and I love them so I cant wait to work with them more over the next year!!

6. Incase you missed that...I'M GOING TO BRITMUMS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

7. This week I have been rubbish at reading but the few posts I have enjoyed came from Mummy To The Max and her Extreme Couponing OH MY GOD! To make those kinda savings! The Dream! I also read and loved an old post of Sally's at Who's The Mummy about Stuff Thats More Important Than Homework. It actually really made me think, like Sally's daughter Ellie is bringing home more and more homework and I get on her back about it ALOT! But thinking about it...Does it matter that her school book isn't read when she will quite happily sit at home and read to her hearts content. Does it matter that she didn't do her Art homework on time when she is constantly been creative in other ways? She loves making stuff with her loom bands, she is always drawing...she just prefers drawing stuff she is interested in like ermmmm Frozen and stuff instead of like Greek Jars or whatever it was I told her off for not doing!! I get that its about creating a happy just to find it!!


1. BUSY BAGS! It' all about the busy bag right now!!

2. Using Twinkl to aid Jenson's learning, I don't mean printing out stuff and making him sit and do it, but providing stuffs that I know will inspire him, and to just have them around for him to choose from. 

3. Searching for recipes to use Jam in, a company is sending me some of their home baking jam to use and well I want something a bit more exciting than Jam Tarts, not that their is anything wrong with Jam Tarts BTW...bit it's what Pinterest was made for right!?!?!

Mums' Days

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  1. I hope you all feel better soon!
    Well done on the sponsor for Britmums! How exciting!
    Those Social Media Buttons are awesome! Well done you x


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