The Week That Was...28th February - 6th March 2015

Is it just me? Or do these weeks seem to be flying by? It seems at the minute that as soon as the week starts it has already ended and to be honest I feel like I am getting NOTHING done! Days just seem to filled with nursery runs, school runs a tantruming tween and 'I'm bored' toddlers! 

Home Life.

1) Last weekend started with a visit to my sister and niece and we started planning Jenson and Laila's joint party at the begining of May! Exciting, I cant wait to share our theme with you!!

2) On Sunday we enjoyed a blustery walk along the beach and had some fun at the park, Elsie loved it, running around free! But look how quickly the weather changed from bright blue skys to black, grey and dull...typical English weather hey!!

3) The rest of the week has passed me by in a bit of a blur of blogging and making a last minute outfit for World Book Day (we had pre-bought outfits BUT Jenson's prechool decided on a last minute theme of Animals (grrrrr) so Tuesday and Wednesday were spend frantically making this tiger outfit

4) I cant remember if I mentioned it but I have been trying to get Elsie of the middle of the night bottle, so we I have been trying to just settle her with a cuddle and putting her back in her cot. Then on Thursday night, after 2 weeks of sleepless nights, early mornings and moody tantruming tired baby days I'm ashamed to say I gave up and the bottle came back, its clear she still needs it if after 2 weeks she is still waking. We will try again in a few more weeks!

Blog Life.

2)  My most popular post this week was Toddler Approved Tuesday again! I love how myself and Leandra are really getting a little community together! And we may have something special planned watch this space!

3) My own fave post this week was, scrap that my fave POSTS this week were The A-Z Of Me and our selection of World Book Day Outfits.

4) My to do list is a little smaller but really it was a pretty unproductive week! AGAIN!

5) My most like photo on Instagram was this HILARIOUS photo of my little Elsie turning into Hulk....OK she wasnt really she ate a bloody stamper!!

6)  Ohh aso this week I have found that a roll of wall paper liner is my new best friend for blog photo's! Take a look at this photo set up....
Please note: the big pile of washing on the sofa!!

7) I am going to attempt to start uploading a weekly vlog...just something funny like this one we filmed on Tuesday.  I have no idea how the daily vloggers like The Gibblet's do it..(If you haven't already go check them out!!!!) I struggle to get this one edited without losing my mind!!

8) Also this week I have started reading blogs from their beginning's I started with You Baby Me Mummy, and I have loved seeing how she has become the ace (and Queen Bee) blogger she is today! 

You Baby Me Mummy


1) A lot of  inspiration ha come from Aby this week. Lot of ideas for blog posts have come to me whilst reading her blog from the beginning. Including the A-Z Of Me post I wrote this week. And I have a few more in the pipeline too....I hope you don't think I'm copying Aby...I'm just inspired!

2) Also this week I am searching Pinterest for party ideas and watching lots of vlogs for inspiration too!

Mums' Days


  1. I don't know how you do it all Becky! I only have 1 kid and struggle to blog more than once a week most of the time.

  2. Looks like you have been busy! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and I am so glad you are inspired! Thanks for linking up to #TheLIst huni x


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