The Week That Was...21st-27th March 2015.

This week has been a real good 'un...home life and blog life have been ace...


1. We had a bit of a family date night and took the monsters to soft play.

2. We had a good old shop in Primark! And went out for dinner at the Harvester, the food was really yummy and the place was very child friendly. Thumbs up all round :)

Coffee...Hot Chocolate and Frappucino with my girls before we hit the shops!

3. The monsters have actually slept! ALL NIGHT for the majority of the week! Woppppeee!!

4. I've been having a bit of a de-clutter and a clearout! Some stuff has headed to the charity shops, some to the bin and some stuff ha been sold and we have actually made £58!!! HUZZAH!!

5. Now unless you live under a rock, you will have heard that Zayn left One Direction! As you may or may not know, Ellie LOVES One Direction and she was gutted, little tears pouring down her face as I told her...Many may find it ridiculous but I had nothing but complete empathy for her. It took me back to been 12 years old (ish) and finding out that Robbie had left Take That...Oh how I sobbed, and how much my Dad, Mum and Uncles took the p**s out of me! In October me and Ellie went to see the One Direction film and since then..I too have loved them and am a little bit sad about it we cheered ourselves up with hot fudge cake, icecream and wine, well I had wine, Ellie had Coca Cola.

6. We have signed up to Tickle Fingers Bake For Heroes it will be great to combine the monsters love of baking with raising money for a great charity! 


1. Reviews we have shared: Fruit Heroes and Zip It.

3. We have been selected as Toy Testers for The Rainbow Toy Awards! As you can imagine I have 4 VERY excited monsters!

4. My most read post this week was our Spring Time Bucket List and Toddler Approved Tuesday.

5. I really enjoyed reading Jenny's (Lets Talk Mummy) 5 Top Tips For Food Styling it  gave me some great things to think about! Californian Mum In London wrote a great post asking Whats The Matter With Pink? Questioning why pink has become so hated! 


1. I have been searching for recipes to enjoy some Easter Baking, I found loads but rounded up with these 5...the perfect inspiration for me! Look out for lots of yummy recipes coming soon!

2. I've also been searching for stuff for a Homemade Easter...keep a look out for another round up over the weekend.

3. I've also been on the lookout for things to keep a certain 3.5 year old busy during half term (how am I going to cope...2 weeks without preschool eeeeekkkksss!)

Ohh and one last thing before you go...

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