Review. Please By Patricia Hegarty

We were recently sent a selection of books from Little Tiger Press this one, Please by Patricia Hegarty, is from the My Little World series.

Please, is a beautiful board book complete with a bear finger puppet and a peep-po hole, perfect for engaging the youngest of book lovers. 

The story is based around the story of Cheeky Little Bear who is always forgetting his manners! 

''I want'', ''give me'', ''let me have'' he hollers as he upsets his friends along the way in a rhyming and repetitive story, perfect for engaging and getting young children joining in with the story.

Will Cheeky Little Bear ever remember his manners?

Of course he does...

What Did The Monster Think?

Elsie loves the book and sits trying to poke her finger in the back of the finger puppet until she gives up and comes toddling over for me to read it! The only book we can get through with out her snatching it from me and turning ten pages at once! (OK this book doesn't have that many pages but you get what I mean!!) 

What Do I Think?

I love the basis of this book and it is execute well throughout, I love stories that engage young book lovers so this gets big love all round from me! A perfect starter book that will last for a good few years. 

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