Review. The Butterfly Club By Jacqueline Wilson. Love From Ellie

Ellie's head exploded when I told her the lovely people at Penguin Random House were sending her Jacqueline Wilson's newest book The Butterfly Club...

You see since she saw the trailer (which you can watch below!) ALL she has gone on about is how she NEEDS to have this book! Now I for one love her request because a) its a book and b) its a relatively inexpensive item (not like asking for a playstation one million...or whatever version they are on now!) and seeing as her fave pressie from her birthday was the Opal Plumstead book (Jacqueline Wilson's 100th book) when I saw a request for children reviewers for this, Jacqueline's 101st book I knew Ellie would jump at it!

So over to Ellie for her review...

Hi guys, Ellie here!

The Butterfly Club is Jacqueline Wilson's 101st book...I can't believe she has written that many books, You would need your own library just to keep them all in wouldn't you! 

The book is the story of Tina, a triplet who has always needed her sister's to stand up for her, who is paired up with the school bully in class and together they have to create a butterfly garden, it's scary for Tina at first but in the time they spend together she realises she doesn't need her sister's and that Selma the school bully isn't all that bad.

The book is written in the same way Jacqueline Wilson writes all her books, so that you really feel like you know the characters, you can really picture them being children at your school, and like you really want to be friends with them too. And with the illustrations from Nick Sharratt the characters are really brought to live!

I have really enjoyed reading this book every night I have read it before bed it is on of my favourtitest books now and I wish I had started reading it at half term and I could have easy sat and read it all in one go it is just so good. 

My favourite part of the story is the cake sale! It made me really hungry reading about all the cakes and made me think about the fun I have with my Mummy and brother and sisters ! 

I think that maybe Jacqueline Wilson thought that Tina is like a butterfly because its says on the front about her flying on her own. And she does change in the book a bit like caterpillars into butterflys.

At the end of the story there are loads of fun things like recipes and quizzes and there's even a bit that tells you how to make your own butterfly garden and Mummy has said we can do one when it starts getting warmer yey! I wonder if she will let me start my own Butterfly Club with my best friend?

I cant wait for book 102 and Mummy told me that in the press release she got it said there is going to be a new TV series adapdation of Hetty Feather this year! *EXCITED  SCREAM* I really cant wait because I loved those books too.

You can buy The Butterfly Club over at Amazon either the 

Ebook edition HERE!

Hardback edition HERE!

Love from 

Disclaimer: We were sent this book for free in return of an honest review. All words and images are our own.

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  1. how fab! I love books like this that really engage kids then have follow on things at the end like the butterfly garden. Will Ellie make it?

  2. Really useful review. I am a school librarian so good to see thoughts on this book x

  3. Love how she makes books that deal with such important topics such as bullying. Thanks for linking to the #weekendbookclub


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