Introducing Our 2015 BritMums Live Sponsors. Meet KidRated London.

I have been wanting to attend Brit Mums Live since last years conference when it was all over Twitter (and Instagram) and I was full of jealousy of all the bloggers attending so this year I set about finding a fabulous brand to work with and to sponsor me (the only way my attendance would happen this year I'm afraid!) and I'm pleased to say the one company I really wanted to work with, one who I have worked with a few times since starting my blogging journey, said yes! 


They are KidRated London.

What Is KidRated?

 Kid Rated launched in 2014 as a new concept where kids, like yours and mine, review London’s most popular attractions as well as other stuff like book reviews, film reviews, and general 'things' to do. Their website allows users to upload, share, rate and comment on attractions in London and they are currently branching out to other parts of the UK too!

How Does KidRated work?

Click the image (courtesy of for more tips and how to's.

Simply follow the tips above THEN upload your video to and tell everyone about it!

How Much Does It Cost?


KidRated is completely free to use, both to browse and to upload videos. 

What Do I Get In Return?

Everyone who uploads a K Rating receives a Kid Rated Certificate AND is entered into the monthly prize draw for great prizes (Last October Ellie won a family ticket to Ripley's Believe It Or Not) 

You can follow KidRated here:

And remember to sign up to the Kid Rated Newsletter for- exclusive offers for newsletter subscribers- Stay up to date with the latest KidRated News- Win from special prize giveaways


  1. Yay so excited to go! Fab sponsor too for you xxx

  2. Congratulations. I don't really know anything about BritMums Live so I'm looking forward to seeing all the posts about it when the time comes around :)

  3. wow. well done to you. So jealous. I would have loved to have gone this year but I've not done anything about it all to get myself there.
    Maybe next year x

    1. Go for it Sarah, its not too late! Would love love love to see you there x

  4. What a great sponsor and perfect fit for you & your blog. Hopefully see you there@ BritMums xx

    1. Thank you so much, they really are, we have worked togetehr and I have loved them for almost a year so for them to say yes! Well I was so chuffed! x

  5. Great sponsor - I'd never heard of them but the site sounds great! Have a good time :-)

    1. Thanks Cate. Be sure to check them out if you need ideas for London. x


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