Happy Birthday 3 Princesses and 1 Dude!!

Happy Birthday To Ussssssss..

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Well I had started writing this post and it was scheduled for next Wednesday BUT as I went through Timehop on Tuesday night...well I found this:

OMG! As if I got my bloggy birthday wrong! I was sure that it was the 18th! But anyways I was wrong and so here we are 1 whole year of blogging...


  • I still feel like a total beginner!
  • I feel a fraud in the Mummy Blogger community.
  • I sometimes think I am stumbling my way through it, lucky that there are a couple of bloggers out there so free with their help and advice.

Don't get me wrong at all I wouldn't change any of this for the world! And here's why: 

  • My 2 blogging besties Beth at Twinderelmo and Leandra at LarabeeUK...the love I have for these 2 is ridiculous, crazy to say that I have only met Beth once and me and Leandra? Well we have never actually met! (We will change that Leandra I promise!!) I speak to them both at least once a day!
  • The opportunity's that we have had from products to review to days out, holidays and weekends away. Anyone who complains that the Mummy Blogger community doesn't give them anything is nuts! 
  • Without sounding big headed...knowing I am good at something and moving up in the Tots and Foodies charts each month..it makes me smile every month to see myself move up the list (apart from the time I went down in Tots...and actually cried...yes this is a true story!!). I know that number's aren't everything but I'm used to ''moving up'' I worked hard as a nursery nurse to get from assistant to room leader and then to deputy manager! Who knows if I ever make my way back to a career I will be heading up to manager that's for sure!
  • I know I said above I feel a fraud but the Mummy Blogger community that I am a part of is ace! There is always someone around to chat even at 3.45am when you still haven't had any sleep and your changing bedsheets again cleaning up sh*t and vomit...whilst the hubby still sleeps and you want a little OK BIG rant about how much of an effin a**hole he is..Twitter and the Mummy Blog community awaits to listen and agree...before I became a Mummy Blogger no one on Twitter probably saw or cared!
  • I've realised I'm not alone...its not just me that has an ar*sey tween, its not just me who's toddler's have drawn all over the walls, its not just me who would rather just sit and watch reality TV and drink coffee and eat biscuits instead of watching Cbeebies pretending to eat a plastic pear and wooden bread slice! There are mums everywhere who are thinking the exact same and going through the exact same!
  • It made me totally re-think my lifestyle of DIET DIET DIET when a read a fellow bloggers post about body image and a conversation she had heard in the street.

Also I have a great big thank you to all of you...you who read..who follow...who like...who watch our (pretty crap) You Tube videos, If I could I would send you all cake BUT I cant so here's a photo instead...

Any ways now I am off to eat some of above mentioned cake because it IS a birthday celebration...isn't it!! 

In the meantime I would love to hear from you in the comments, what posts do you enjoy seeing? What would you like to see more off? 

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! Congrats!!
    I've been blogging nearly 2 and a half years and I am still stumbling my way through....lol

  2. Aww happy bloggy birthday hun. Mine is next month! Huge congrats on such a successful blog. You're fab xx

  3. Yayyyyyy happy blog birthday! I have no idea when/why we started following each other but I'm so glad we did & thank god you offered to meet me at BlogCamp otherwise I'd be totally lost without someone to message with a million questions, moans (and the odd bitching!!!)
    Blogging is ace as are you. Keep doing what you're doing. Love Ya xxxxx

  4. Happy blog birthday my lovely. Thanks so much for mentioning me, yes 2015 will be the year we meet-up. So sad that I can't join you and Beth at BlogCamp, I hope you both have such an awesome time.

    Don't change, don't ever change, you are doing so well because you are honest and that's the best you can be.

    You will continue to go up in the charts because you deserve it.

    Always here and thanks back for all your support too xxxxxx

  5. Happy blog birthday! I love the new look, the social media buttons are fab, well done :)

  6. happy one year blog birthday hun! being part of the mummy blogger community is so much fun isn't it! x

  7. Happy Birthday huni! Here's to many more! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  8. Happy Birthday! Mummy loved meeting you at Bluestone! She looks forward to seeing you at BlogCamp too x x


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