3 Month Check In...Blogging Bucket List and Goals for 2015.

So in January I wrote a list containing 12 goals I hoped to fulfill this year (you can read it HERE!) Anyways I thought I would do a check in and update on how it is going...

1. Set up subscriber email/newsletter

Not done anything about this yet! 

2. Decrease bounce rate by at least 10%

I have just had a little change round on the blog, which I'm hoping will help get this goal ticked off my list!

3. Feature on Tots as a chosen 'Great Read'

Not yet, but then I haven't submitted anything. I need to get some confidence in this area I'm afraid!

4. Get into the top 500 Foodies board

I did it! I was rated 439 in the february charts...lets hope I can stay this side of 500!!

5. Get into top 500 Tots board

Not yet, but I'm getting closer each month that passes!

6. Gain an ambassador-ship for a great company!

I have gained Sponsorship from one of my fave brands out there, KidRated. We were also recently chosen as a brand ambassador for Crocky Trail And I have a few more exciting things in the pipeline! 

7. Double the daily viewership of the blog

Done! Thanks to all the lovely readers who share, tweet and re-tweet and most importantly come back!

8. Gain an understanding of Klout 


9. Gain an understanding of G+


10. Start using You Tube more

We have been posting weekly vlogs, check out our You Tube Channel every Tuesday for a new upload.

11. Start a new monthly feature and collaborate with another blogger 

Weeellll...I was in talks with a fellow blogger, but I didn't get around to starting it....and now said blogger is due to have a baby very very soon!!! So this is n the back burner for a few months!

12. Double my Social Media followers 

I'm getting there! Slowly but surely! Want to help me? Click the icons below and hit follow/like/subscribe!

How are you getting on with your New Years Resolutions? I'd love to know!

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  1. It sounds like you are doing really well....Well done you! x

  2. I do love to see great progress on a goals list! Well done, you're doing so well xxx


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