The Week That Was...7th-13th February 2015.

Another week down as we head into half term what did we get up to last week?

Home Life.

1. Last weekend was FULL of craft fails! First we attempted to make magic wands which was a DISASTER! I glued my fingers together oh and not to forget the cake pop stick that was also stuck! And then later on we tried to make snow globes..they were a disaster too! 

They should have looked like this...

pic courtesy of

BUT they looked like this...

2. We did manage some successful crafts during the week though and we made these magic wands and fairy crowns

3. Last week was the week of poorly monsters this week has been the week of an extremely moody little madam named Elsie! If she isn't attatched to me then she's crying! And by attatched I mean my hand has to be touching her, sitting next to me isn't good enough, so my Instagram followers saw lots of pics like this one as I try to help her beat this seperation anxiety! 

4. We went to visit my Nan this week, she usually come to us but she has been a bit poorly so we went to visit her instead! 

5. The monsters discovered the joys of Kinder Eggs...both on You Tube and in real life!

6. I did lots of walking this week. And it seems as though I don't even contemplate going out, no  'making excuses' and actually not even begrudging it,I'm enjoying getting out and about and moving more. I truely believe its all to do with Thinking Slimmer Slimpod I've started listening to daily. (Keep a look out for a blog post after my first month...I start week 4 on Monday!) 

7. Following on from above I have also found that I am making healthier eating choices to, without even thinking about it. I stop when I am full instead of eating for the sake of it, I have stopped picking at the kids leftovers and the biggest thing of all the guilt that I had a biscuit or 2 (OK, 4!!) has completely gone. The guilt that I spent a day snacking on stuff that's maybe not that great...GONE! Their is just no more guilt..its gone! And again I am sure this is down to the Slimpod. 

Blog Life.

1. Review's this week: OXO Good Grips water bottle.

2. My most popular post this week was: this weeks Toddler Approved Tuesday closely followed by our 5 Ideas For...Free Half Term Fun For Tween's! 

3. Fave Posts This Week:

4. Did you see my new monthly link up Eat Well Spend Less every month I will set a challenge and I thought I would open it up for others to join in! February is all about the 'Use What 'Ya Got Kitchen Cupboard Challenge' I have managed a whole months meal plan from what we have in the cupboards and freezer! This week's shopping has cost us just £8! YES £8, and that was mainly fresh fruit!!!  We would love for you to join in with the challenge even if you do just 1 much money could you save?


1. This week has been all about home made toys! Next week I will be making some wings from stuff we have lying around the house or are easily accessible and free/very very cheap! I don't see the point in making your own if your going to spend double the cost of an actual shop bought toy on materials so lets see what I can come up with!!

2. I'll also be making up some busy bag's this week ready for the next Parent Idea Swap, again they will be made up of stuff we already have around the house or easily accessible free/very cheap items!

3. I've also been searching Pinterest for things to make with boxed cake mix! Apparently you can make cake mix milkshake (WTF!!!), and cake mix pancakes! Well seeing as I found about 1 million boxes and packets of cake mix when I cleared the cupboards (OK maybe a slight exaggeration) this week is all about finding a use for them! PS don't worry we will be making some cakes!

Mums' Days


  1. Cake mix milkshake - yeesh! That Thinking Slim app sounds really interesting, will look out for your review. Hope Elsie is being a little less clingy this week?

  2. awesome week love and as long as you are crafting I don't believe there is such a thing as a fail (although it's nice to have something to show for all that effort!) and the purple heart looks cool to me!! I need to get me that thinking slim app!

    Thanks for linking as ever lovely xxx #TheList xxx


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