The Week That Was...31st January-6th February 2015.

And so another week done...what have we been up to? Read on to find out!!

Home Life.

We havent done much this week it's been a real quiet one...

1. Last week ended with a poorly El sie and Ellie, this week started with a poorly Evie...then midway a poorly Jenson and has ended with a poorly Dean and another poorly Elsie! These cold and tummy bugs just will not go away! *sad face here*

2. Ellie took part in an online (hosted via Google Hangouts) story writing class organised by the lovely Joyce at Kiddiegogo it was good to get her using the internet for something useful instead of just watching vlogs and tutorials! 

3. Sunday night (yep NIGHT! It was 7.35pm when I left the house!) I went for my very first run! It was amazing..I haven't managed to get out since because their has been snow and ice and well I'd rather not end up on my ar*e! I have done a couple of sessions on the Wii Fit though so better than nothing right?

4. In between poorly children snuggles we managed to get a few crafts and baking done. We made this cute Ben and Holly Playset. (Blog post hopefully be live this week!) 

5. We saw both my sisters and nieces this week which is always nice, shame we couldn't do much for poorly Wilkinson's though!! 

Blog Life.

1. Reviews this week: #AldiSpecialBuys and USA Pro.

2. My most popular post this week was this week's Toddler Approved Tuesday link up.

3. Me and Leandra started a new monthly link up and Twitter party! This months Parent Idea Swap was all about Snack Time and wowza's...these Twitter party's move so fast! Sorry if we missed anyone's tweets. The link up is open until the end of the month if your a blogger and  have any snack posts to link up you can do so HERE! Alternatively if your looking for snack ideas then be sure to go have a look, I'm sure you will find something yummy to try!

4. I was chuffed to be included in Mummy Writes 'Words Worth Reading' January round up!

5. This week I loved Beth's 'Things We Did Before Twitter' and Kate's 'Sod's Law Of Parenting' They both made giggle through out! I also loved Sian's Mummy rant about Think Before You Post take a read I'm sure you will mirrors what I always say about Mum's standing together instead of always shooting each other down because of the choices we make! 

6. I found an AMAZING blog and you tuber this week...perfect if your a craft Momma! Room To Grow she has some amazing crafts and I spent all Friday night trawling the blog and pinning away!!

Mums' Days

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  1. I love these posts on a Sunday!
    Online story sounds really cool & thanks did the mention lovely xxxx


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