Magic Fairy Wands

The plan was to make melted perler bead wands BUT they were a disaster and I ended up super glueing my fingers together (oh and a lolly stick stuck to my finger too!) so I had to do some  thinking and remembered seeing wands made from twigs on Pinterest so we took some inspiration and made these...

What you need:

Paint and brush 
Small sparkly stickers to decorate

Whats nice is this activity can start with a nature walk to find the perfect stick! 

It didn't take Evie long to find her wand...then spent the rest of the day turning us into frogs and big bad wolves!

Now all you have to do is decide what colour you want your wands to be! We choose our glittery paints to make sure they had a magic sparkle about them! 

 Then leave to dry and decorate (We decided to leave our's as they were...but I am sure in a couple of day's they will decide to add some more sparkle!)

Now we are all ready to make magic! Just be nice...or Evie will turn you into a frog....or a horse...or a rabbit..or a big bad wolf!

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