Getting The Home Organised. My Kitchen Wishlist with House of Fraser.

As you know I want to get the house organised and although it wasn't mentioned in my previous 5 Ideas For post, the kitchen is in big need of a makeover!

Nothing matches...appliances are tired and old (I'm sure our microwave would be classed as vintage!), we have 50 million of everything but the thing you need, you know like a lid for that pot or a pot that goes with that lid and don't even mention tin openers I am sure we have about 5, and only one works, but that one is the one that can never be general it's just a bit c**p and ever since our trip to Bluestone I have been dreaming of an all matching, all organised and tidy kitchen! *swoon*

So we have been on the look out for some snazzy appliances, you know that actually match AND I have persuaded Dean that we can do a little bit of re-decorating too just so it looks a bit nicer, any way back to my point...we have been looking on the House of Fraser at all their lush items.

From shiny chrome, cool black, and traditional white... sexy red (can a kitchen be sexy?), cool pastels and even uber trendy transparent (yes really!)...

...there is literally something for every taste and every price range, I mistakenly thought that House of Fraser was an expensive place to shop BUT if you look around you can find some great prices! I mean £55 for a Dolce Gusto...That will definitely be making its way to our kitchen! Though I cant say we will be spending £160 on a toaster anytime soon but hey one can dream...Now all we have to do is choose a colour theme and the shopping can begin!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post.

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  1. We have this Dolce Gusto but in ivory, & love it, especially when it's such a bargain price!

    Gym Bunny Mummy | Bloglovin’ | Facebook

  2. Wow I cannot believe the price of that mixer, such great value! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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