5 Ideas For...Valentines Gifts For Her.

I'm So we are on the countdown to Valentines Day (yey!) and almost every man, well Dean at least, has started panicking about what he can buy that will be better than the cheap chocolates and reduced flowers from last year (yes.... this is really what I got!!)

So if you are a hubby struggling with any ideas, how about these 5 ideas for stuff she will love.

1. Alphabook Alphabet Note Book. (£12.99 at findmeagift.co.uk)


These are one of the sweetest note books I have ever seen! The fabulous Alphabook is a gorgeous high quality hardback notebook in the shape of letters (as if the name didn't already give that away!!) Each letter notebook sports a patterned front and thick plain cream notepaper inside. All you need to do is decide which letter to pick, will it be for your love's name or maybe you could spell out LOVE!
(Disclaimer: We recieved an Alphabook to review)

2. Valentines Flowers (prices from £24.99 at floric.co.uk)

I don't care what any woman says  on Valentines Day she wants flowers....and she wants flowers delivered, you know a surprise at work that makes every other woman in the work place just a little bit jealous! Why not order a bouquet from Floric and take advantage of this 20% discount code LOVE20 

3. Cook for her! 

I would much more love Dean to cook for me than take me out! I'm not saying have to cook from scratch...head to Tesco and have a look at the Finest £10 Meal Deal..and if that's still to much like hard work you can always ring a takeaway I suppose. Just do me a favour (and yourself one for that matter) and throw the tubs in the outside bin before she see's them! Oh and make sure you do the washing up too!

4. A Lie In! 

Now I must admit I am a very lucky lady and every day Dean gets up with the monsters and I am allowed to ''lay in'' until 8 o clock! (yes really!!)) And every Sunday he lets me lay in until...well whenever I wake up! Which means technically I shouldn't really ever be as tired as I am, but hey that's life! Anyway my point? I LOVE A LAY IN...Every Mummy I know loves a lay in! So why not take over for the morning and let the lady have an extra hour or so in bed! 

5. Lingerie.

First up STOP! Just because it Valentines it doesn't mean that class goes out of the window! Shop around, don't just grab the first, I dunno, red bra you see in Tesco's...look around, look in her underwear drawer, see what she likes, take note of the size and make sure you remember CLASS, CLASS, CLASS! Take a look at figleaves.com and boux avenue for some really pretty Valentines collections.


And why not finish the gift off with a Luxury Handmade Card from Made With Love with cards from as little as £3.50 and with cards priced up to £19.99 (which include a pretty necklace), there is something for everyone.

The cards in the photos are just £3.50 and I love that they are a little bit different and really great quality, thick cards instead of the flimsy kind you find in the shops. AND whats more the lovely people at Made With Love will give my readers, an exclusive 30% off using this special discount code:

Disclaimer: We received these cards for free.

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  1. I cannot believe you get to lie in until 8am! Great picks huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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