5 Ideas For...Free Fun For Tween's At Half Term.

Now us Mums with tween's know how expensive Half Term can be, and I don't know about you but I am always on the look out for 'free stuff' to keep the biggest monster busy! 

Especially after finding out from LV.com that a child costs £229,251 on average. Times that by 4 and we are looking at £917,004 in our monsters livetimes! EEEEEEEKKKKSSS!!! (Find out more about that info HERE!)

Here's a selection of completly FREE thing to do this half term...

1. Online street dancing class with Kiddiegogo.

Ellie joined in with the first Kiddiegogo online lesson last weekend doing a story writing course, this weekend (Sunday 15th) they are hosting an online street dancing lesson its sure to be great fun for the tweens, I know Ellie will love it!

You can sign up HERE! But be quick, spaces are limited.

2. Find a free museum or art gallery. Failing that why not visit the library.

Everyone has a museum or art gallery near them, and most of them are free. Why not find one HERE, pack a lunch and off you go!!

3. Hunt the internet for fun competitions to enter.

Find loads of Kid's Competition's on The Prize Finder. Some online entry, some more creative ways, like these to get them writing storys, designing comic strips or maybe even a secret woodland? There's loads and more than enough to keep everyone busy! And you never know they might win a great prize!

4. Why not make a start on the National Trusts 50 Things To Do Before Your 11 3/4's.

This is a great list to work through during the summer BUT there's still plenty to do in the colder weather too! (link above)

5. Raid the recycling box and try some home made crafts check out these ideas for:

None of the above take your fancy? Check out our 'I'm Bored' Pinterest Board below:

Pop us your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Great round up huni! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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