Magnetic Drawing Station.

My kids love drawing, writing, doodling...if it needs paper and crayons you name it they love it! So what I wanted to create was something to keep them busy on long journeys. 

So I created these magnetic creation stations. 


What you need:

You Definitely Need:
Baking Tray (I got these from Wilkos for 89p)
Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape (I got mine from Hobby Craft,  but its readily available online for a couple of pound)

mini notebook/colouring book/activity book 
a few crayons/pens /mark making tools
small envelope
anything else that takes your fancy!

You see you can tailor this for what fits your little ones! They don't like stickers? Dont add them! They love a bit of glueing and sticking? Why not stick a glue stick on and some foam shapes in the envelope! and instead of a book why not try a peg and paper instead!

And its easy! Just cut your magnetic tape to size attatch it to your bits and bobs and arrange them on your board! EASY. PEASY. LEMON. SQUEEZIE!!!

Then sit back and enjoy your peaceful journeys! Ahhhh....

Its OK...You can thank me with cake! *insert winky face here!!*