15 Things To Do..Before You Take Up Running.

So tomorrow I am starting running...eeekks!

I'll admit, I'm a little scared about going it alone but before I start here are 15 things I've learnt before I get going...

1. Buy Suitable Footwear.

So this is an obvious one! BUT what I really want to know is, do I need running shoes? As a family on a budget I cant really afford two separate pairs of trainers for running and for the gym. So if any of you run can you let me know, am I doing any actual damage by wearing gym trainers for running?

2. Buy Suitable Clothing.

I have been lucky enough to be sent some FAB items from USA Pro at Sports Direct (Thanks Guys!). They have sent me some great footwear, and some great bottoms and tops. Keep a look out for a review!

3. Invest in equipment that you may need. 

I mean your just running but it may be an idea to take a water bottle. Apparently you shouldn't need a drink if your running for less than an hour BUT you know your own body and if you think you will need one well it isn't going to harm to take one right?  A sports bra for you ladies out there. In winter you might want a headband/hat and maybe gloves. Ohhhh headphones if you want to listen to music. And maybe download an app to map your run.

4. Download a podcast/app. 

I have downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k challenge app (find the info HERE!) Which looks perfect for beginners like me!

5. Make a playlist! 

I'm going to share mine with you in a couple of weeks.  So keep a look out!

6. Do your homework! 

Can you just start running? What are suitable warm ups? Do you need to cool down? Wait...WHAT IS A COOL DOWN!

7. Fuel right! (I saw that somewhere else!)

Running empty is going to end in you cramped and sick. Under eating again you will feel sick and not have the right amount of energy to be succesful. I found this article about what to eat and when quite helpful.

8. Choose a start day and make no excuses.

Its supposed to rain/snow tomorrow  BUT I'm still going because if I don't I know I will keep putting it off and end up never going!

9. Know your route. 

Chose a route and stick to it. I am going to start of by warming up/stretching at home then taking a 5 minute walk to the local rugby training field that is just down the road from me and I will be starting off just around their until I am confident to go further afield! 

10. BE SAFE!

Another reason I will be planning my route is so that Dean knows where I am. I know that may sound stupid but I would rather be safe than sorry! If you are running near a road and will be running in the dark, invest in something that has a reflective strip on it.

11. Stay Positive!

If your starting to feel overly tired, stop. It supposed to be fun! If you start of by hating what you are doing you are going to give up and stop all together, so why not stop in your tracks and aim for better on your next run.

12. Try different times and days.

Find what works best for you and your body, thus maximum enjoyment. Meaning more effort and better outcome.

13. Talk to others. 

Shout about your new run on Facebook/Twitter/your blog. Putting yourself out there means you will be more likely to go for it.

14. Have an aim. 

My aim is to take part in the Race for life this year.

15. ENJOY! 



  1. Great post. With regards to footwear yes you could be causing damage but it depends how you run. When I run my ankle turns out so I need a supportive running shoe. If you have a Sweatshop near you go in and they will assess your feet for free then you know what kind of shoes you need. Xx

  2. Yes yes yes to proper running shoes I'm afraid. And yes they are pricey. When I first started I wore my sisters running shoes and gave myself shin splints which required physio and a long break from running. They just weren't right for me.

    Go to a proper running shop and Like up and running and now just a general sports shop. The two things they always say you need to start running are a good sports bra and proper running trainers.

    They are very expensive mine have usually been around £80 a pop but if it prevents injury and you're not paying for gym membership and you don't need fancy clothes then it's not so bad. Also makes you go more to get your money's worth out of them.

    I want to see you in proper running shoes by next week Mrs!

  3. Oh and what app are you using? I use Strava which I have found the best over the years and can do a live tracking so my husband had an account as well and could see where I was.


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