15 Things To Do When You Get The Mum Title! #MummyBucketList

So a while back I posted 15 things all baby's, toddlers and tween's do so to finish off my list (OK all be it a few months later!) I thought we would have a #MummyBucketList!

1. When ever you go to the toilet it is a MUST to take someone to watch you. Preferably someone who will ask inappropriate questions at inappropriate times.

2. From the day you take on your Mum title you will no longer enjoy hot meals...you LOVE to wait for them to go cold.I'm

3. Your new best friends are Alex, Rebecca, Cat, Cerrie, Katy and Andy. And you don't have to wait weeks to see them! Just pop over to 121 freeview channel or Sky channel 614 and see them everyday!


Me and my BFF's...I'm in the Pudsey suit (maybe!)

4. When in the car you choose the local radio station over Radio One because you don't know any of the songs they play anymore and  unfortunately Cbeebies radio is only available online GOD DAM!

5. You will figure that kids books are better than grown up novels anyway!

6. For your weekly night out you will choose to go late night shopping at Tesco because someone forgot nappies and that bottle of Calpol has gone AWOL.

7. Your favourite fragrance should be a choice of pong de shyte or eau de vomit. You are the envy of every 20 something without kids!

8. Your man crush is Mr Bloom. No not Mr. ORLANDO Bloom...THE Mr Bloom..

I include images of both for you to perv over  to recognise the difference

9.  You will need to make a start on turning into you Mother.

10. You will gain a super power in which you know what time it is by what you are watching on tele BUT will have no concept of 'days of the week'...what do you mean it Friday today? 

11. Pyjama's should become your outfit of choice. And those amazing shoes you love? Yeah replace them with some snazzy Mum slippers!

12. You need to start forgetting to brush your hair. end.of.conversation.

13. You will have to stop buying glossy mag with free make-up (your never gonna wear it anyway) in favour of that awesome yet shit plastic toy on the cover of a comic!

14. Your tired BUT instead of staying in bed until lunch time you really want to get out of bed at half 5 every morning just so you can watch Mr Bloom (*blush*) on the iplayer. 

15. Lastly you need to go to Primark and buy EVERY LAST PAIR OF LEGGINGS they have in your size, because when PJ' arent an option leggings are your best friend! And because one day my friend...one day they wont be a 'fashion' thing and this way you know you have enough to last you all the way through your Mummy career! (Yes, I know that is a lifetime career, that is why you need so many!)