5 Ideas For A Husband and Wife Date Night.

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2015 is for me and Dean to reconnect. This last year we have lost 'it' and I intend to fight for our marriage, and get our friendship, and love, back!

So here are 5 Ideas for some date nights (the plan is at least 1 a month). Well actually there are 10 idea's...A Budget and Luxury idea for all 5!

1. Movie Night.

Budget: Popcorn, Chocolates, Sofa and your movie of choice! Snuggle up together and enjoy!

Luxury: Popcorn, Chocolates and a movie at the local cinema. Think you cant snuggle at the cinema? Think again! More and more cinemas are installing 'double seats'. Enjoy!

2. Table For 2.

Budget: Cook your favourite meal at home once the kids are in bed. Set the table, turn off your phones and 
enjoy each other company. 

Luxury: Head to your favourite restaurant and indulge, as well as enjoying a conversation...you remember what conversation is right?!?!?!

3. An 'Early' Night.

Image from 8pmwarrior.com

Budget: No money is needed for an early night...now all that you need to choose is what to do with it! Watch a movie? Catch up on TV? Orrrrr maybe something a bit more steamy....

Luxury: Book into a local (or not so local) hotel for a 'dirty weekend'...or you know just one night!

4. Go For A Walk. 

image from pixgood.com

Budget: No explanation needed really! Get your coat...you've pulled! Ice-cream on the beach? A sit on a park bench? A quick pint at the nice but not so close local?

Luxury: Why not back up a luxurious picnic hamper, champagne (and sausage rolls, obvs!) some blankets and take a ride out to a country park, lay down the back seats, add some fairy lights and enjoy an indoorsy/outdoorsy car-booty type picnic under the stars after your walk through the park! 

5. Date Night Bucket List  (In A Jar!)

Image from momruncraft.com

Budget: A jar of 'things to try' or 'things to do' 'films to watch' the worlds your oyster...Seriously ANYTHING you want! 

Luxury: A list of places to go, hotels to try, weekend's away, resturants to eat at etc etc...

Mums' Days

My Preschool Learner.

So, I'm actually a big believer that learning begins at home, and I'm an even bigger believer in learning being fun, and coming through the child's play.

I also love, love, LOVE  a theme! Last year I started off with theme's and they kinda died off when Jenson started school. I do however want to get back into the habit for 2 main reasons:

A) I want to give my kids a head start.
B) When we have a bit of structure, their behaviour is so much better.

So this year we have a few themes planned, these may change with the monsters interests, the time of year, upcoming events etc.

Here's what we have so far:

January: Winter

February: Fairy's and Elves

March: Spring Time

April: Pirate's

May: Superhero's

June: Under The Sea

July: Dinosaur's

August: Summer Time

September: In The Jungle

October: Monsters 

November: Robot's

December: Christmas

Click the links below to find our Pinterest boards for Activity Ideas.


Remember to pop over and follow us on Instagram, to keep up with all off our activities.

Yey...It's Here!

Just a quick one to say...

and in true 3 Princesses and 1 Dude style...even this pic was a bit of a fail after Elsie decided she wasn't gonna comply...but it is a Merry Christmas from her too...I promise!

Countdown To Christmas. Christmas Crackers.

I've said it a thousand times, (I promise this will be the last time) this year Christmas is on a budget! I have been using my Christmas Pinterest Board to give me some ideas for a home made Christmas.

Blog Stars Little Stars.

This week Stacey from Mummy M's Memories handed over to 5 year old Jessica. Stacey assures me she is not 84!!!

Stacey blogs over at Mummy M's Memories. She has two very strong willed girls aged 5 and almost 3.  Stacey says ''I became a stay at home mum when J turned 1, due to inflexible working conditions, but hope to train as a photographer next year. I'm originally a southerner from the south coast, but now live in the North West, due to Daddy M's job. Given the choice between north and south, im divided. I can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

1. What is something Mummy always says to you? 

I love you

2. What makes Mummy happy? 

Being Good

3. What makes Mummy sad? 

Being naughty

4. How does your Mummy make you laugh? 

Tickle me

5. How old is your Mummy? 


6. How tall is your Mummy? 

Very tall

7. What is Mummy's favorite thing to do? 

Do blogging

8. What does your Mum do when you’re not with her? 

Help Sophie, and change her nappy.

9. What is your Mummy really good at? 

Blogging, cooking, driving Mummys car

10. What is your Mummy a bit rubbish at? 

Watching my TV

11. What does your Mummy do for her job? 


12. What is your Mummy's favorite food? 


13. If your Mummy was on the TV what would she be on? 

In Sleeping Beauty

14.What do you and your Mummy do together? 

Play, watch TV, play Monopoly Jnr.

15. How do you know your Mummy loves you? 

Because I'm her daughter

16. What does Mummy like to wear? 

T shirts and dresses

17. What does Mummy watch on TV? 


18. What does Mummy drink? 

Adult juice, Coffee

19. What did Mummy do before I had babies? 

Work in a bank counting money

20. Where is Mummy's favourite place? 


Thanks Jessica...poor Mummy though...84!!!  

Remember to grab your badge and display it over on your blog so everyone knows Jessica is a Blog Stars Little Star!!

Blog Stars Little Stars

The Week That Was...12th-19th December.

Baaaaaaaaahhhhh its getting closer....in 1 week it will be over, presents will be unwrapped, toys will be un-boxed and played with. This is all to exciting....I best get wrapping!

Home life.

1. Me and Dean enjoyed our first night out for 3 years! I drank too much wine (ok...ok...and cocktails), ate too much food, went to bed too late....but had an absolute ace time! 

2. We went and enjoyed a child free breakfast....at lunchtime! Yep we got a lay in!!!

Look at this beaut....from a greasy spoon no less! And I love a coffee-house BUT you cant beat a PROPER mug of coffee, the kind you can only get in a greasy spoon, with 1 coffee on the drinks board!!

3. The kid enjoyed a manic social life! Between Jenson and Ellie they have had 6 events...in 4 days! Christmas partys, panto trips, Christmas jumper day. You name it they have had it....

4. Its been a TOUGH WEEK! Most days have ended in me crying. 

5. We still haven't wrapped any pressies. We will do it before Christmas Eve, I promise!!!

6. Christmas half term starts here...and Ellie is of to her Dads on Saturday, as she is spending Chritmas with him this year....people keep saying o you must miss her though...I couldn't let my kid be away for Christmas. Well number 1) Its all we have known me and her Dad split up from her being 5 months old, its all she has known and works well for us (we alternate it) and 2) You know this means we get 2 Christmasses right!

Blog life.

1. Planning is going well! Head over HERE to see some exciting new link-up and features for 2015...

2. I joined a few more blogger networks now I'm (kinda) getting used to the ones I already joined.

3. Last week I mentioned a new collab I had in the bag? Well I'm happy to announce that my self and the lovely Clare from Clares Little Tots  will be going head to head each month in a craft challenge! Keep a look out, and if you have a challenge to suggest head over to my Facebook page and let us know!

4. Our most read post this week our #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Christmas Link-up. Speaking of which....

5. If you are a blogger and would like to share some of your posts pop by and link up to mine and Leandra's Toddler Approved Tuesday link up. We usually run for 2 days but have decided to keep it open until the New Year, so pop by and check out some great Christmassy ideas for toddlers! Everything goes from recipes to activities to days out to reviews. So why not link up some of your posts.

Not a blogger? Tweet or Instagram your toddler approved pics using the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday hashtag. We will retweet and regram as many as we can.

6. We have been asked to go and review the gorgeous looking Bluestone in Wales. We are so excited, and very very grateful for such a great experience. And a break away is just what we need!


Erm Ive not really got much this week....other than getting ready for Christmas and the Christmas Play Date we didnt get round to this week!

So instead I will list some of my fave read's from last week: 

You know you have made a great blogging friend (and that they are a great writer) when you read one of their posts and your heart breaks, and you cry..ALOT for them. This happened when I read the beautiful Beth from Twinderelmo's post about this Christmas being a difficult one.

Amy from 2 Boys 1 Mum wrote an amazing post about the difficulties of Gender Neutral Parenting. 

Potty Mouthed Mummy wrote about the ups and down of what Parenthood is...

Brummy Mummy of 2 took me back to my childhood as she wrote about The Ghost Of Christmas Past....go read it...even if just to laugh at the hilarious pic of Kylie!

Mums' Days

Tantrums...When Will This Ride Stop?

The last few day's have been TOUGH, like really tough. Tantrum fuelled and not the toddler's...

Ellie has decided that she is gonna make every day hell, I'm sure her aim is to see me crumble. And by god she certainly has. I'm a mess...I'm a quivering nervous wreck. Waiting for her next explosive episode...

She seems to just want to fight, just want to argue with EVERYBODY in this house. Here are a few of her fits just from the last few days.

1. Thursday morning the tantrums because her school lunch has been made for her, because it ''wasnt what she wanted'' (even though it would have been exactly what she would have made if she had done it herself.) 


2. Dean worked late on Friday, when he got home he popped to Morrisons for something quick to chuck in the microwave or the oven, or use a kettle (pot noodle, super noodles you know...yes bad Mum, i'll get over it!) so we asked Ellie what she wanted...to avoid a drama like above...did she just answer and tea went without a hitch? Ooohhhhh no! Instead, we were horrible because we ''don't let her have what she wants anyway so what the point?'' and then when we pointed out the obvious that WE ARE ASKING WHAT YOU WANT! We got the answer 'I don't know' (one of her fave sayings). I mean I don't know!? Its a super market what is so flipping difficult they sell everything JUST CHOOSE! 

All this time my stomach is turning, I'm shaking in fear that it is coming, her next explosive is on its way. Some quick thinking is needed...And then, ohh I got it...I suggested she just get dressed and go with Dean and choose something when she get their,  seem the easiest thing to do right?


Cue meltdown number 2 in less than 36 hours.

Saturday lunchtime, now you have all seen my Instagram, I love a PJ day...If we aint going out fine stay in your pj's and oneies all day. BUT Saturday we were going out so we needed to get changed. 

Now, usually if we are going somewhere I will set out an outfit for her as I get the little ones ready but as you have read above after an explosive couple of days I thought it best to just let her wear what she wanted. Seems the easiest thing to do right?  


3. Instead of just getting dressed she threw a whole ''well what should I wear'' tantrum. Which somehow ended up with meltdown number 3 in 48(ish) hours  me in tears and been called the worst mum ever. Because I told her to where anything she wanted...go figure!

4. Monday Afternoon. A tantrum over Christmas Jumper Day, because I keep forgetting to pick her one up when I'm in town. So I promise tomorrow I will get one. Happy Ellie...Happy me, right?


It's 'stupid anyway' and not fair because they still have to wear there normal school clothes, but swap for a christmas jumper instead of their school one. This is apparently all my fault and for the millionth time I become 'worst Mum ever'. Even though everyone else at school will be dressed exactly the same!

5. Tuesday Night. God knows what started it...As far as I recall Jenson's foot touched her (not a kick)...I cant quite remember but again...I was in tears, as well as been the worst Mum in the world. She had the choice of going to her room to chillout or have all her stuff conviscated...Easy choice to make? Going up to her room for 10 minutes would be the easiest thing to do right?


Ellie went with the latter. Then sat crying and screaming at me because I'm such a horrible Mum. And then ended up getting sent to bed at 6.45 because I couldn't deal with it anymore. 

Please tell me that this is going to get better? Please someone give me the answers? Because it would seem no matter what I do I'm wrong. Today is the lat day at school, she is of to her Dads for a week..then she will be back and we will be back in this circle of fight, fight, fight...

Countdown To Christmas. Santa's Video Message via The Portable North Pole. Review.

Guess what? Jenson got a video from Santa today..

Watching his face was just so so magical! Especially when he got told he had made it to the good list! Just watch his face!!!

And so did Jenson make it onto the Nice list? 

I just cant stop watching this video, it has made my year. 

The sheer joy on his face.

The gobsmacked look that Santa is talking to him.

The fist pump that he got on the nice list! 

Oh I just love it all...and I may even be sat here sobbing!

What is PNP Santa? 

Portable North Pole is a magical console used by Santa and his elves to send personalised video messages to the folks you care most about. In just a few simple clicks, you can provide Santa with all the information he needs to create a unique, tailor-made video message just for your beauts! And the best thing? The classic video message (with lots of personalisation options) is FREE!

Or you can upgrade to one of the Premium version's, £2.99-£7.49, which is what we have used here, the video is longer and features even more special scenes and more features, like the chance to add more of your favorite photos to make the experience even more memorable.You can also create personalised phone calls too.

We used the Unlimited Holiday Pass (£7.49 at time of writing this post, 2014), which gives you:
  • Unlimited access during the Holiday season
  • Up to 22 call scenarios
  • Exclusive footage from Santa's Village
  • Unlimited desktop or mobile video playback
  • Video sync with mobile device via the FREE app included
  • Videos expire 06/30/2015
And as you can see the kids LOVE it, Jenson has absolubtly adored his video...I wonder when Santa will call him!! And then theres the Christmas Eve message we are expecting! And of course Santa's videos for the girls too....

Do you fancy getting a video from Santa? Guess what? I have 20% discount for my reader's below, which means you can get the unlimited package for just £5.99, well that's if I have done my maths right!

So what are you waiting for...surprise someone special with a hello from Santa today!

Get Your Santa Videos From Portable North Pole Here!

Use PROMO CODE BLG20BKP to receive a 20% discount off all digital products (excluding in-app purchases) Valid for the 2014 holiday season.

Also can I just add that Santa (PNP) distributes 5% of all online store sales among 40-plus Children’s Hospitals around the world.

Disclaimer: We were offered the Unlimited Holiday Pass of Portable North Pole for free, but all opinions are our own.

#WickedWednesdays #22

This happens FAR too often...

...inside out AND back to front...I NEED MORE SLEEP!!!

Find all of our #WickedWednesdays of 2014 HERE! 

And finally...Thanks to Em at Brummy Mummy of 2 (link to her blog below...click the badge!) for hosting such an amazeballs linky! The only link up I never miss!! See you in 2015....It's been a blast!


Coming Soon...Winter 2015. Things To Look Forward Too!

I'm very excited for 2015! I am aiming for it to be one of the best years, after a pretty crappy 2014! So what have we got to look forward to? Well here's a little list of personal and blogging 'Coming Soon'. 


1. Blogger Goals 2015. Link up your blogging goals and resolutions.

Live on January 1st.

2. Personal Goals 2015. Come and link up your New Year resolutions, you never know you might find someone with similar goals and you can help each other reach them!

Live on January 2nd. 

3. Blogger's Craft Challenge. I'll be joining forces with the fabulous and lovely Clare from 'Clares Little Tots' each month we will be going head to head in a reader asked challenge! Send us your challenges now! 

Our first challenge will go live at the end of January. We will announce the chosen craft challenge on our Social Media channels at the start of the New Year, this gives us time to buy and prepare!

4. A visit to Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales. 

resort lake image
Photo Courtesy of bluestonewales.com

5. Bedroom makeover's. Follow our Pinboards (below) for our inspiration.


1. Mummy and Daughter visit to London.

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