Review. Mattel Barbie Fashion Design Maker Doll.

I was really excited for Ellie to receive this as she loves drawing and designing clothes.  She wants to be a fashion designer when she is older so I thought it would be the prefect kind of toy for her!

When our parcel arrived Ellie was dead excited to get the box open, (which let me tell you...was a pain, god I hate packaging!) and give it a try! 

You get lots in the box, heres a quick run through....

1. Barbie herself, wearing black removable heeled shoes, a removable pink necklace and her body is made up of this white slip dress 

2. Stickers and fabric ruffles to further customise your designs.

3. Pink Barbie Portfolio.

4. Inside the portfolio you get 8 printable fabric sheets.  (I was pleasantly suprised by this, I was maybe expecting 2 or 3 sheets) 

Each sheet has well written, easy to read instructions.

Pre-cut easy peel stickers. 

5. Instructions, and information about downloading the app to your IOS or Android device. (Or alternativly you can use the Fashion Design Maker at on your PC or mac)

Ellies first thoughts.

Ellie thought this was an awesome toy, she loves designing things and couldnt wait to start designing. Therefore she made a mad dash to my IPad to download the app and start designing...


She was gutted though, that she had to wait for me to get new ink (ooppssie, bad Mummy)

Though it would seem this makes no difference for some un-known reason we can not get this to work with our printer and laptop. It would see there is some error between the PDF reader on the laptop and the printer...whatever it is it stops the laptop from working and sends it into some melt down, that then takes hours to fix again! After the 3rd time of this happening I have decided to give up, unfortunatly I cant keep trying for my laptop to break down!

She is so upset that she cant play with this yet.

Instead she is taking it to her Dads over Christmas and she will have a play with it there instead!

So keep a look out for an update in the New Year.

In all I would say this is a great toy for any Barbie lover, I truely believe the problem is with my laptop and printer.

#WickedWednesdays #19

Did you see my pics on Instagram and Twitter last week...Evie with her hair looking all cute and adorable in little (and I mean little) bunches? 

Well I think she looked adorable...she had other thoughts:

Sorry for the rubbishy pics...but hey thats what #WickedWednesdays is all about right!!!


Foxs Party Fairytales Biscuits #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Showcase andLink Up.

Thanks everyone who ;linked last week, I know we had some newbies, so Welcome and thanks for joining, hope we see you again this week you can link up with Leandra over at larabee-uk. 

This week my faves came from Steph at Misplaced Brit who had lots of messy fun with shaving foam!

Shaving foam art
Photo courtesy of Misplaced Brit.

And Lamb and Bear had a fanastically fabulous Childrens book list, a few have been added to our Santa Wish List!!

Photo courtesy of Lamb and Bear.

And so onto this weeks post. Another review (sorry about that as yesterdays post was a review too!) but the monsters loved these!

We were sent these Fox's biscuits to try out....

Evie loved the fact that they were pink...and princessy!

Jenson loved that he could tell a story before he eat them!

Ellie (unfortunatly) didnt get a look in as the beasts eat them all before school finished!

The only bad thing?  The post had gave the package a bit of a rattling and quite a few of them were broken 

there are 6 different designs..castles, horses, frogs, princesses, crowns and princes.

They certainly got the thumbs up from my monsters anyway!!

(Ignore the mess behind Evie, I was having a clear out of envelopes and crap!)

Remember to pop over to to link up 


Party Time!

As you may have seen we recently had Elsies birthday party, 2 weeks late, but she had a party non the less!

The set up.

Pink, princesses, crowns, bunting, polka dots...what more could a girl want!!!

Party bags for our beautiful guests!

Thanks to The Original Party Bag Co for their stunning partywear they gifted us!

What we (I mean they!!!) ate!

Hello Kitty ham sarnies!

Jam star Sandwiches.

Nutella open star sandwiches

Usual party food set up: Chocolate biscuits, choccy buttons, Barny Bear cakes, pom bear crispies (sorry for rubbish pic!)

The Birthday Cake.

We kinda went half bought cake with home made decoration!

What we did.

Not a lot really, danced, and played, unwrapped toys, played with toys, argued with toys, squashed sarnies into my carpet, wobbled jelly and angel delight everywhere, smeared chocolate all over our faces and made sure our immaculate party clothes were all gross-ed up! 

So nothing really special, I just don't see the point in spending sh*t loads on a cake and party games for a 1 year old! No offence to those that do, each to their own and all that! 

So nothing amazing, no dancing unicorns, no spectacular magic show, just simple family fun, enjoying some family time with a little tea party for Elsie, her brother, sisters and her cousins. It might not look a lot to you guys, but to me it meant the world!

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