20 Facts About Me Tag

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Gemma at Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (and a few others but I'm sorry I can't remember who!) on Instagram for the 20 facts tag...

1. I'm OBSESSED with social media since taking up blogging I'm glued to twitter! 
2. I once sang (as a child) to Michael Barrymore (i  think it was Happy and You know it?) Mum, I know you read the blog so is this a real memory? I'm sure we was in Blackpool? At the pleasure beach?
3. My last 2 pregnancys were complete surprises! 
4. I pooped giving birth (ohhhh the shame!!!!) 
5. My earliest memory is being in hospital. I kind of remember being in an ambulance and then remember the playroom after. I believe I was about 3. Again Mum is this a real memory? 
6. If I could have one skill it would to be able to sew! I love pinning posts but the reality is I'll never be able to make any of them! 
7. I love Hollyoaks! 
8. I'm a hoarder (its bad!!) 
9. I get really easily stressed 
10. I'm a really emotional person and the smallest things make me cry! Happy moments, sad moments you name it I cry! 
11. During a talent show at school my trousers ripped, I don't think anyone noticed luckily! 
12. I really REALLY want a caravan! ( I have a pinboard 
13. I'm shit scared of fire/ flames so much so even a match/lighter scare me...
14. And I have a bit of a phobia of cotton wool too.
15. I would love to drive but the truth is I'm to much of a worrier! As a passenger I spent the entire journey worrying about "risks" and In my head the most dangerous things can happen when in fact its barely anything! 
16. I cry at everything on TV my head puts me in every situation I see, I hate it! 
17. I have lost 1.5 stone in the last 5 months. 
18. I'm addicted to ebay and getting bargain bits for the kids wardrobes! 
19. Nothing in our house is 'ours' its all hand me downs or second hand, that makes me feel sad but at the same time grateful 
20. The family member I'm closest to my is my Nan I see her at least 4 times a week! 

Word Of The Week.

This weeks word of the week is


No not the TV programme but we have (almost) reached the end of the summer holidays but no need to be sad because we are on countdown....

last few days COUNTDOWN to Ellie coming home (she's been visiting her Dad for the last 3 weeks!)

less than 1 week COUNTDOWN to school starting (starts Thursday)

3 weeks COUNTDOWN to pre-school starting (18th September)

5 weeks COUNTDOWN to Dean's Birthday and to our wedding anniversary (we got married on Dean Birthday...erm best present ever he got me...as his wife!!!! ha ha!!)   (9th October)

8 weeks COUNTDOWN to Elsies 1st birthday........wahhhhhh!!! (28th October)

(and then after that we will be counting down to Ellie's birthday, my birthday and Christmas...exciting!!!) 

Word Of The Week.

The Reading Residence

Silent Sunday. 31st August 2014.

Silent Sunday.

Inside Elsie's A/W Wardrobe.

As you can imagine 4 monsters to dress isn't cheap (especially as I have a ermm shall we call it a 'liking' for clothes!)  I tend to start buying during the previous season..

So here we are, not quite the end of August and the girls wardrobes for Autumn/Winter are filing up quickly! So many cute outfits, I cant wait for it to get a little chilly, to start wrapping the girls up warm in ponchos and cute boots! 

I will hold my hands up and say I do buy far to much for them (To date I think Evie has around 10 coats for A/W...too many? and leggings...lets not even get started, at last count there was over 40 pairs in Evies wardrobe alone! That does count parts of outfits and well as single bought...does that matter? Probably not...Ooooppps!)

I can hear people now ''more money than sense rah rah rah'', well A) I mainly buy from Ebay/facebook selling pages/charity shops, though the occasional piece will come from the actual stores themselves. B) I sell their older clothes to buy 'new' clothes. C) During the sales I buy stuff for next year in the size I think we will be in. 

Here are some of my fave bits from Elsie's wardrobe (so far!): 




My Top 10 Favourite X Factor Moments EVER!!

So its no secret that I love Reality TV, and on tonight my fave ever will start for it's 11th series.....


So to celebrate here are my (no particular order) FAVE X Factor auditions EVVVVER!!

One that always makes me smile is the Lucy Spraggan audition, I love the rawness of her voice and the (at the time) individuality of her performance...

Funniest audition goes to Dawn the jockey (excuse me whilst I wet myself in laughter!)

One of my fave ever finalist's I love everything about Janet's performance, and I'm gutted she didnt get further. It gives me goosebumps and teary eyes...beautiful. (I actually just watched this 5 times before carrying on!)

Katie Waisell was marmite...love her/hate her? I loved her!

Misha was my love her/hate her week after week...I LOVE HER....NO I HATE HER...Either way there is no denying, on that audition stage she had serious sass! 

The OMG DID THEY REALLY JUST DO THAT? award goes to...

Note to all teenagers: Bad attitude gets you no where!

Just ha ha ha! That Is All!!!

I heart Jahmene! First thought he was a nut job THEN he sang!

And Ellie wouldnt forgive me if I didnt include One Direction's first auditions!! (look how baby they look!!!!!)

So as you settle down (or not) tonight to watch the next lot of X Factor hopefuls who has been your fave auditionee (goo or bad!) of the past series'?

Oh No!! Kids Say The Funniest Things!

I you follow my Instagram you will have seen this from mid-week...

Me: What you Doing Evie?

Evie: I jus going Mayisons (Thats Morrison's to us non toddler speakers!)

Ok so you are probably thinking ''Well Whys That Funny?''

Until you see the photo that accompanies it....

Off to Morrisons in her pants, with her back pack, 1 shoe and her plastic trolley...oh and not to forget the handbag hanging on the corner of the trolley! Funny Girl! 

Mums List. The Week That Was...23rd-29th August.

And so as Summer draws to an end (wahhhhh!!) we enjoyed a week with Dean at home, which actually hasn't been that bad! 

 Home Life.

We had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, the sun was shining and Saturday we had a lovely family day out at The Parrot Zoo. It was a stress free and relaxed day...ahhh family bliss! (for once!!!)

On Sunday Dean had a day with the boys and I had a day with the girls....now not to get confused with the 'messy weekend' of the past, this was strictly kids only (aren't we lucky!!!) Dean took D and Jenson to the motorbike racing and me, Evie and Elsie went for a lovely Sunday dinner, carvery of course, with my Mum, sister and niece, then we went for a wander through the fair and arcades ala holidaymakers!!

I even won this cute Stuffy from Doc McStuffins on one of those grabbing machines, and it only cost me £2! Evie was so excited when it dropped in the collection hole! I wish I'd had the video recorder on!

Monday we went out for a family meal and was going to go to the park but we ended up coming home as it rained...man did it rain! We were drenched!!

Tuesday I was nominated for the ALS Icebucket Challenge...now never one to shy away from a nomination....(Unlike the hubs! Wimp! But I made sure I got him back!) and we made our donation on the ALS Donation Page.

The rest of the week was quiet, Dean got the shed put up (eventually after it sitting in the front garden in bits for the last 3/4 months!!!) I sorted the girls wardrobes ready for Autumn, you know just regular ''boring'' family life!

Oh and I must share my fave pics of the week...just because!!

Picture 1: Evie has decided she doesn't like clothes, so strips off all the time! This pic she told us she was going to Morrisons to get some shopping...with her trolley, backpack, 1 shoes and just her pants! HILARIOUS!!!
Picture 2: Me and Evie spend a couple of hours Sunday morning just lazing in bed watching Peppa on the Ipad, whilst Elsie napped!!

Picture 3: Its just funny! My gorgeous niece Laila, and her hilariously funny face as a meme!!
Picture 4: Just a cute pic! Messy baby, happy baby (until they have to get cleaned hey!) Elsie really enjoyed her first ever bolognaise!

Blog Life.

I have been trying to get into some sort of blogging routine and I liked this post from The Blogger's Lounge on becoming more blog organised, I will get into a routine...promise!!! And I also like this Daily Blogging Checklist as well, as I do sometimes wonder if I am a bit of a blogger spammer on Twitter so maybe if I share it over these few..I did do it once last week and actually my stats did go up a bit so it did get it out there. 

BUT the one thing that I'm really proud of this week, and although stats don't bother me greatly, but because I do want to be a good successful blogger, is my Baby Bucket List post which in 12 hours a) became my most read post EVER and b) doubled my usual daily stats. Wow. Just Wow! To say I was over whelmed is an understatement!


My neck has started feeling a bit better so now (hopefully!) we can get on with decorating the kids bedrooms, I am just a little scared of damaging it again. 

And also this week I am starting to think about Elsies 1st birthday, just 8 weeks away! I'm thinking of a cute little tea party, just small with family. But as it is so close to Halloween (3 days before!) I need to start planning as I will be planning Halloween before long too! (I love Halloween!!).  Myself, Leandra at LaraBee have a Halloween pinboard over on Pinterest  you can view it HERE! If you would like to join the board then please contact one of us. 

Mums List.

Mums' Days

15 Things Every Baby Should Do Before They Turn 1.

Think of this some kind of baby bucket list. Must-Do's shall we say! Written by a baby (aged 10 months) for babies everywhere! 

1. Make sure that your nappy explodes at least once....and when I say explode I mean a poopy explosion so big and so gross it has everyone in the room heaving and begging for air!

2. If you would prefer you can attempt number 1 on a quick trip out you know to the park/shops etc this is even funnier because the grown up's don't take a change of clothes and sometimes are dumb enough to say ''oh we won't need a nappy they just got changed and we won't be long'' 

3. Pee all other your Dad...it's funny! And Mummy thinks so too.

4. Empty every bowl of food you are given all over the floor...those grown ups just love cleaning it up!!! Unless they have given you something ridiculously messy to eat (think spaghetti bolognaise) in this case pour and rub all over your body (or clothes if your grown ups are too stupid to change you out of them!) and remember to pay special attention to your hair. 


5. When that bloody camera/phone/iPad comes out remember it's photo time, smile all cute and look your bestest...until they click that little button. That,  my friend, is your cue to scarper as fast as you can, leaving a superhero zoom on the photo they just took. 

6. Cry for the entire 1 hour journey home to really stress mum/dad out then when you are just about home stop screeching and fall asleep.

7. Cry and scream like your life depends on it because you NEED a cuddle right now and you don't want to be in the pram, under a raincover you WANT to be in the rain! 

8. Poop in the bath, preferably one your sharing with a grown up....watch their faces it's hilarious!! 

9. Every now and again decide that that routine that you just got into and love, yeah it's not so great any more. You WANT a new routine and you want one NOW!

10. Be all cute at old ladies, Mummy loves talking to strangers that just randomly stop her to talk about you, it's like her best thing ever!!! 

11. Attempt to break Mummy or a Daddy's nose either with a real hard toy u can hit them with or with your head, just an ever so gentler harks back of the head butt should do the trick.

12. That Argos catalogue/magazines they just got? They make an awesome sound if you scrunch the pages and if you pull real hard, sometimes the pages come out and you can eat them.

 13. When you learn a new trick like erm standing/crawling/ walking/talking mum and dad will mention it to everyone, so when this happens (because you are not a performing monkey right!) refuse to do it, pretend you can't. Make them look like liars! 

Whadda ya mean I can stand up? 

14. Empty your toy boxes until there isn't 1 toy left in it then decide they are all shit and your just going to cry do not under any circumstances allow Mummy to pick ANY of them up...Daddy likes a mess when he gets home from work! 

And now we come to the end of the list and if you don't do any of the above you MUST, MUST, MUST do this at least ooohhh once a week, maybe more, it all depends on how tired the grown ups are!

15.  When the grown ups are tired and ''so ready for bedtime'' this is your cue to play a game I like to call Let's Pretend I'm Not Tired! ****Warning**** this kind of backfires as you do then end up a bit too tired and just want to cry a lot! But don't worry, you do know a crying baby cures that headache they say they have right? 

Post Comment Love

Mums' Days

Mummy Mondays.

Mad Mid Week Blog Hop.

Super Busy Mum

Guest Post. Alphabet Activities for Preschool Toddlers.

Hello all!
This week's letter of the week E, we didn't get up to much but here's our favourite couple of activities.

Egg matching.

You will need;

Either a printout of 10 eggs, or a pen and paper to draw 10 eggs
Sticky dots in different colours

Step 1) if you haven't got a printout, draw your eggs and label them 1-5 (there should be two of each number) cut the eggs out

Step 2) hand you toddler the sticky dots and help them "decorate" the eggs - the dots correspond with the numbers on the eggs

Step 3) either spread out all the eggs and ask your little one to match the pairs, or (as I did with Hendrix) spread the eggs out, I picked one and asked him if he could find me the matching one to go with it. He was good at this but I think he was colour matching as opposed to number matching!

Great activity for learning numbers and counting as well as colour recognition.


One of my childhood faves! I was pleased to introduce my toddler to these stories.

You will need;

An Elmer colouring printable
Coloured squares of paper

Step 1) firstly cut out lots of different coloured squares of paper, this can take a while!

Step 2) hand the Elmer printout to your toddler along with the glue and coloured bits of paper. Hendrix took absolutely ages doing this, he thoroughly enjoyed it and we talked about the colours as he was sticking them.

Note - keep the scissors handy as some of the shapes aren't exactly square so they need altering which I did when Hendrix had picked the piece he wanted to use for the space!

The finished result looks fab!

Thanks for reading :)

Lisa xx

Mention's And Guest Posts I've Done.

I thought it would be nice to include some of the posts I have had included elsewhere. I love to join in on guest posts, If you would like me to Guest Post for you, please get in touch via the contact button on the side.

To Ground or Not? Guest post for Mummy Bloggers

Our Space Tunnel was included on Toddler Tales  space unit.

Hannah at Mums Days shared my My Birth Story.

Ellie rated our Lemonade Making for KidRated London and they featured her video on their YouTube Channel

The Spohrs Are Multiplying mentioned our Space Hotdogs in their Space Party Friday Fiesta

Ellie rated Designing and Making your own Tshirts for KidRated London and they featured her on their YouTube Channel.

Leandra at LaraBeeUK featured our Rainbow Fish Craft as a Guest Post.

I guest posted on Tots100 with these Fresh Five Blogs That Tell It Like It Is!

Our Halloween Wooden Blocks were featured on Fun Family Crafts.

My 15 Thing Tween Should Do Before High School post was mentioned in Britmum's Teen and Tween Roundup

Our Cardboard Tube Fish were featured on Fun Family Crafts.

Our Chocolate boxes were featured on Fun Family Crafts.

Fun Family Crafts featured our Olaf-Inspired Wooden Blocks. 

LV.com featured our Chocolate Orange Shortbread in their Christmas Cook book.

Our Sandpaper Tshirt Printing was featured on Fun Family Crafts.

Mummy Writes... featured my New Year. New Me. Getting Healthy and Stopping The 'Diets'. in her January Words Worth Reading feature

Our Magic Fairy Wands were featured on Fun Family Crafts

We guest posted over at Clares Tots with some fun Tissue Paper Painting

We guest posted over at Monkey and Mouse with some cool CD Spin Art

We featured in Mental Parentals 'My First...' feature with a post about impending driving lessons!

Visit to Dinosaur Adventure.

A few months back we visited Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk, It was a great day out and a must for all your little Dino lovers!

The park was really easy to find, (especially seeing as we get lost ALL THE TIME!), situated near Lenwade (in between Norwich and Fakenham).


The entrance is really welcoming and gets you in the mood (these pics are from as you enter after purchasing your tickets) before you pay, i forgot to take pics sorry, is just as great...think Flinstone's sights to Jurrasic Park music and your just about there!

Once you enter there are a choice of places to go, the whole place is open so you don't have to follow a specific route.

There was Dino Bone Excavation...

Complete with spades, brushes, trowels to find all the bones!  Both of my beauts loved this are we sat in the shaded covered sand pit for quite a while, as other childdren came and went my 2 sat their happily searching for more bones!

There are plenty of play areas scattered around the park, 

 The walk through Dino Trail was great fun! 

Plenty of dinosaurs to find, aswell as lots of interactive sections, like the bongos and the explorers huts.

I Spy...the hubby and the kids!!!

The Deer Safari was amazing, seeing them all up close!

Secret Animal Garden, with plenty of Animals and even a fake cow to 'milk'!!

 Go Karts! (Dean really enjoyed...cant you tell from his face!!)

And indoor play areas too, (remember socks!!) the kids were obsessed with this slide and poor Dean went down about a million times!

 There is also loads more, cafes, food areas, crazy golf, a maze, walk through areas, Dino sculptor workshop, Zip wire (for the big kids and adults!!!) and of course the gift shop beware though you have to access the shop to leave the park (the only bad thing about the place, its the one thing I really hate that places aimed at young kids do!).

In all a great day out and you certainly get a full day out of it, though as the majority is outside I would say your best to go on a nice day, I cant imagine it being great in the rain to be honest!

We will definatly be back!

Find more information on the Dinosaur Adventure website.

We stayed at the great value Norwich Airport Premier Inn (we reviewed that too!!) just 15/20 minutes from Dinosaur Adventure.

We visited The Dinosaur Park with tickets purchased by ourselves, we didn't receive them gifted, I just wanted to share the awesome day we had!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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