Oh No!! Kids say the funniest things....and this is possibly one of the most embarrasing ever!!!

We were naughty on Monday night and had a chippy tea (straight after Sliming World weigh in....ooppps!) I had Jenson with me and he wanted to read the paper when this corker came out of his mouth.....

''Ohh I'm gonna read the paper...

I wanta see some boobies''

What the actual hell do you say to that? Well my response was to laugh...my mums response was to laugh...actually she may have snorted she laughed so much! The lady behind the counter didn't hear I dont think and one other customer was ordering so not sure if she heard or not...but still it was really embarrasing!

And what a shame for the boy that it was The Daily Mail...no boobies sorry buster!!!

His Dad's reply....That's My Boy!!!

Chocolate Baklava.

First up these are NOT, I repeat NOT Slimming World Friendly, I have made a few cut backs (it should really have been brushed with butter but I have stuck to my good old frylight to keep the syns as low as I could!)...So unless you plan on having a whole syn free day and then blow your whole daily allowance on 1 piece...which is what I plan to do, because every now and again you just need a treat!

What you will need:

For the syrup:

1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Honey
Juice from half a lemon
Vanilla Pod (or I used my trusty Dr. Oetker Vanilla Grinder)

For the Baklava:

Frylight (or butter if you 1 nob of melted butter)
Filo Pastry (we used 6 large sheets sheets cut in half  and trimmed to size)
250g Dark Chocolate, chopped small (or used choc chips)
150g Chopped mixed nuts
1tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
Preheat oven Gas 7.

Put all the syrup ingredients in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for around 20 minutes.

Whilst your syrup is simmering away you can make a start on the Baklava (but remember to keep giving the syrup a stir!).

Combine the chocolate, nuts and cinnamon and mix well.

Once you have trimmed your pastry to size, you should have 12 sheets  (you can use a few more, i was just using what we had left!).
Spray your dish with the frylight (or brush with butter) and add 4 sheets of pastry 1 layer at a time, spraying each layer as you go, top the 4 sheets of pastry with 1/2 the nut and chocolate mix, layer with another 4 sheets of pastry (again spraying/brushing as you go along) top that with the rest of the mixture and then finally layer with the remaining 4 pastry sheets (remembering to spray/brush as you go) precut into 12 squares and 
pop in the oven for 45 minutes or until golden brown.
Once you take out of the oven pour the cooled syrup STRAIGHT onto the Baklava and leave for a good few hours...preferably overnight, we couldnt wait this long and ended up cutting it up after 8/9 hours!!

It was super sticky and 1 of the poor squares got a little squished (can you spot it!) as I was cutting it out!

This is a super sticky and superbly sweet dish so a sweet tooth is needed! 


How I worked out the syns:

pastry: 24
sugar: 48
honey:  40
choc: 17
nuts: 48
Total syns: 177

portions: 12

syns (rounded up) per portion: 15!

Tasty Tuesdays.

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5 Ideas For...A Fussy Eater!

I'm often asked for my tips to help with fussy eater's so I thought I would do a 5 Ideas post.

1. Relax!

Make mealtimes an enjoyable experience! Stop the nags and relax...I know I know that is easier said than done but I promise as soon as you stop nagging the mealtimes will become less stressful (whether they eat or not is a different matter, but lets focus on getting them to the table and, at least, sitting at a table knowing it is not going to turn into a battle!

2. Make Food Fun!

We love fun food here, whether it's Minnie Mouse biscuits, 

Space Rocket Hotdogs, 

Or Monster Sarnies

Just to make it a bit more different! Yes, it takes a bit of faffing and a little more time BUT if it gets them eating isn't it worth it? If this is an idea you like you should definitely take a look at Eats Amazing, she does such amazing food art and is my inspiration (though my efforts don't really compare!!!)

3.Less is more.

Don't pile up the plate, it looks daunting, think about when you go to a carvery and you see THAT person walk by your table (you know the one with the veggie mountain and the gravy lake on the plate?) and you say 'god all that food' well imagine that that is how little one sees their plate! Just pop a little of each item, you can always add more IF they eat it.

4.Try new foods regularly. 

When Ellie was little we used to try a new food every week...that included me, then it kind of stopped as she got older as I knew she would eat anything (apart from cheese..unless it's melted...don't ask!!!) We have started doing this again recently, it's great to get out there and try new foods/recipes and flavours that are new to everyone!

5. The one that always works in our house...

Whenever I hear 'I'm full' ''I don't want any more', I use these 2 beauties and without fail at least 1 will always work! 

First up: 
''I'm Full!!!''
(me) ''oh let me look at that tummy!''
Toddler shows tummy
(me) ''oh look at that space right....there oooh and there'' (pointing to a couple of random parts on the tummy!)
Toddler will mostly look at you and laugh
(me) ''Ohh your gonna have to fill that all up!''
Toddler enthusiastically eats and after every mouthful will lift their top...''full yet?'' 

More often than not I go with the ''oh how old are you? oh, your 2/3/4 oh I bet you can eat 2/3/4 more big forks for me?'' 

Do you have any other top tips for parents with fussy eaters? Any products you use? Let me know in the comments below.

Cookie Cups and Icecream.

After seeing a post on Facebook we just had to make these cookie cups!

What you need: (This was enough to make 9 bowls and we also got 28 'normal' cookies too!!)

150g Unsalted Butter
80g Soft Dark Brown Sugar
80g Granulated Sugar
1 Large Egg
225g Plain Flour
50g Self Raising Flour
2tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
240g Chocolate Chips

Oven needs to be preheated gas 4.

First you need to cream the butter and sugar...

Then whisk in the egg...

Next sieve and fold in the PLAIN flour and bicarb....

Then add the chocolate chips and give the mixture a good stir.

Now I apologise there are no photos for the while as it got VERY MESSY!!

Now add the self raising flour as you need it, to make a less sticky mix, ours was VERY sticky and we ended up using maybe another 25-50g. (Now im no master baker BUT I'm sure you could use plain flour at this point...but we ran out (would you believe it) so had to use Self raising!)

Once you get it to the right consistency..it should be firm, but not hard, so that you can roll it out without it sticking to anything and everything!

Next get your mould  (either an upside down muffin tray (or in our case upside down silicone moulds) and a cookie cutter thats BIGGER than your 'mould'. cut out your circle and lay it over and around your mould...our mixture wasnt quite firm enough so I had to stop baking halfway through to, erm fix the holes!!! 


Bake for around 10-12 minutes and take out the oven and leave to firm up slightly before moving them onto a cooling rack to cool completely. (Ours went a little dark around the edges, because I stupidly left them in for a few extra minutes because they 'were squidgy'...I did tell you I am not a great baker...when in fact the need to be a bit squidgy when they come out!) 

Once they have cooled completly you can take them from the moulds when they (should) look like this:

Well all apart from one which fell apart...which I'm 1million percent positive was due to fiddly children's fingers but no one would admit it!!!

Lastly scoop your icecream and pop in the cookie bowl, top with chocolate sauce and...Voila


Evie And Her Tippy-Toes!

Yesterday Evie had her Early Intervention Physio appointment, I don't know if I have mentioned it before but she is almost always walks on her tippy toes..always!

At her 2year health check I mentioned it to the Health Visitor and she suggested an appointment, if only to set my mind at ease, you see I had done that one thing that no mum should ever do.....I GOOGLED IT! 

I mean why, why, why do we do that! You never get the answer you really want, you just get links to forums, where it seems every mum and her dog had something similar and it ended up terrible...ring an ambulance now, she will need her toes chopping off, kinda responses! And most of all, all it does it plant the worry of God into you! On this occasion Google's search told me that tippy toe walking COULD be a sign, alongside other symptoms, of Autism...of course I didnt read  it like that I read ''your child is autistic....end!'' Now, before I get jumped on,  I'm not at all saying that that would have been a big deal I mean we would have dealt with it of course we would, just like all the amazing Mummys out there that deal with this (and a lot LOT worse on a daily basis) but you know it hits you hard!

Anyway the health visitor said that there was no way she autistic there were no other signs at all so I could forget that straight away! (Phew!) 

So just a couple of weeks later we ended up at the clinic, its so nerve racking sitting in that waiting room!

Appointment Done!

The physio couldn't see anything that was making her walk tippy toed, it could have been a range of reasons there are no neoriological problems and no physical problems, her Achilles Tendons were a little tight but she was positive this was from her walking on her toes for so long. So in the end she found no reason to believe it could be anything 'bad' concluding that its her little brain telling her to get on her toes to walk, also know as Idiopathic Toe Walking.

What To Do Next!

Every day, at least 3 times a day we need to get her to do a simple penguin walk activity, to counteract the brains believe that she needs to be on her toes. And also EVERYTIME she is on her toes we need to tell her firmly to ''Put your feet down Evie!''  (which seems so mean as she isn't doing it purposely, but hey needs must, we dont want to end up with hospital appointments and surgery because her Achilles Tendons have tightened or casts been fitted, I dont want to put my princess in any unnecessary pain so we will make sure we do these 2 simple things EVERY DAY! They also suggested boots for her BUT its the middle of summer so this is not possible right now.

If there is no change or it gets worse we will be going back to start the process of casts etc...PLEAAAASSE Evie start walking on your feet!PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

(sorry for the rubbish pic, but its the only one I could really find! I will try and get some pics and a video of her over the next few days so you can see!)

#wickedwednesday #2

I thought after last weeks 'PhotoBombing Potty' I would share some 'bloopers', 'outtakes',  the you just 'didnt make it' and the downright 'fails' from the last few weeks...

This One's Cute Right?

Heres what stopped anymore 'cute giggly Jenson' photos and gave me a screaming 3 year old....

Thanks Elsie!!!

A lovely shot of my princess, ready to go out....

Well it was the best of the bunch as we had funny faces, poky tongues, picking noses and pointing!

My 3 angels together...

Was cropped and photo taking session was finished to Evies inability to leave her foo alone!

And lastly...

Some lovely (and time consuming) shots for a cake pop post...well the cake pops never got decorated as tantrums ensued and the poor cakes were forgot about..for 2 days on the dining room table...then ended up in the bin :(


42 Days Of Summer with Brit Mums and Mcvities...A Tweens Point Of View!

Hi Everyone, Its Ellie! Today I'm writing about what I am Most Looking forward to this summer holiday.

Hmmm, there is quiet a lot actually so I will write what I'd like to the most.

At the beginning of summer we made a bucket list (Mummy says you can see that post HERE!!) and we put loads of really cool stuff on it. 

First of all I cant wait to do the fake tan tattoo's they sound awesome, don't they? I wonder how we will do them? I bet you its going to be fun.

Second of all...Strawberry/fruit picking it sounds so fun and cool, I asked Mummy the other day if we could go to the strawberry fields and she has PROMISED we will go this summer (but she says that every year and always forgets) But we did get to pick blackeberries today on the way home from Tesco and I asked Mummy if we could go back for more tomorrow, maybe we can make a blackberry pie. Yum!

Thirdly, Laser Quest, I wanted this on the bucket list because its something I really want to do, I wonder how good it is going to be? Have you been to a laser  quest before? Do you think we will enjoy it? I bet its epic! 

Fourth. Water fight. I love water fights and water balloon fights, well i like them too but not as much as a water fight with water pistols you can aim better with the pistols because you can follow the person when they run away!

Number Five. I cant wait to go rolling down hills, getting dizzy, really dizzy and getting grass everywhere.

Mummy has said if I am really really good I can have a friends stay over and we can camp out in the garden, last time we camped out in the garden (Read About Our Big Wild Sleep Out Here!) it was so much fun the thing I like the most was all the food, especially the Smores. They were yummy. The worst part was trying to sleep with all 5 of us in the tent it got so hot i was sweating like a pig! Ha Ha! 

I am really looking forward to being able to do more blogging and vlogging now I dont have school and homework all the time. I know that mummy will blog our Summer Bucket List fun times and if you follow our Instagram then you will get to know what we are doing before anyone reads the blog, Mummy is always posting on Instagram! Shes obsessed!
I want to do a loom band tutorial vlog too if Mummy lets me. Please Mummy! Please can I?
Oh and I have a review vlog or blog coming up I was able to read a new book called The Luck Uglies and I am going to review it for you all (and I think Mummy might be planning a giveaway too so you can have a copy yourself).

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great summer. Bye (for now).

Love From Ellie xx

PS I'm also really looking forward to go and visit my Daddy, step mum Emma and sister Hollie for  3 weeks....excited!!!

Oh and Thanks Britmums for our Yummy BN Biscuits, My favourite are, erm, oh definatly the chocolate ones, everyone's favourite is chocolate, isnt it? 

Love from

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#minutemonday This Weeks Best Bits!

Sorry for the overload on blogposts today, I have Slimming World tonight and we have a busy day with appointments etc tomorrow so trying to get them in today!!!

Joining in with #minutemonday for the first time with this weeks best bits!!! 

Slimming World Friendly Mini Sausage and Pickle Rolls. Less than 2 syns per Roll!!

Perfect for when your looking for a child friendly lunch (or snack) and something you can enjoy on Slimming World...

What you need:

4 sheets of chilled filo pastry
Fry light
8 low fat sausages (I used the Tesco Healthy Living)
3 tbsp sweet pickle

Preheat oven to Gas 6.

Cut the skins off  the sausages and put the sausage meat in a bowl (dispose of the skins you wont need these!) add the pickle and combine the 2 until well mixed. 

On a baking tray layer 2 sheets of filo pastry and spray each sheet with fry light (if your not a slimming worlder you can use butter) 

Divide the meat mixture into 2 and but half along the SHORT side of pastry and roll up, spray again with frylight and repeat with the remaining pastry sheets and meat mixture. 

Pop in oven for 30min 


How I worked out the syns:

pastry: 12 syns
pickle: 3 syns
sausage: 8
total syns: 23
portions: 14
syns per portion: 1.6

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Scrummy Yummy Bubbly Lemonade!!!

Ellie (and Jenson and Evie!) made a Vlog!!!! Follow her tutorial and make your own scrummy-yummy  Bubbly Lemonade!

So over to you Ellie....

In case you didn't catch me you will need:

* 1 cup of sugar
* 1 cup of water
* 5-8 lemons cut in half
* 2-3 cups of sparkling water (To your own taste)

* A Pitcher/large jug
* A measuring jug
* A spoon
* A sieve
* A cup
* A saucepan 
* An adult to help 


Love from

Let Kids Be Kids.

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Project Keep the Monster's Busy!

We have lots planned this summer from simple stay at home things to do, to boredom busters, to challenges to days out...its a good job as of yet we haven't got a holiday booked, we are waiting for that bargain of the year to appear...though I'm not to sure about that!!!

Our Summer bucketlist has enough to keep us entertained but you know things happen so its always good to have a few back up's....just in case!!! Some of these we have already done, we have already done our sleepout and eat toasted marshmallows you can read all about the fun we had HERE!! 

We have also enjoyed an afternoon at the beach where the kid's paddled in the sea with their Daddy, used their nets to catch a crab (they caught a dead one....does that count!), we enjoyed a small picnic too, Elsie especially enjoyed the actual sand rather than the food we had taken...babies hey!! (No photos as both our batteries died on our phones!)

We also have our Pinterest boards which are full of ideas for playing outside, toddler activities, big kid boredom busters and lots of ideas for making/baking with kids  too.

 We are also taking part in our librarys Summer Reading Challenge!

For days out we are planning to visit, Wheelgate ParkHubbards HillsRevesby Show and Willows Farm Pick Your Own and also a visit to Rand Farm Park.

And what have we enjoyed already?

No-cost days out to the beach, we luckily live just down the road from the beach so no driving involved, no spend involved! We pack a picnic and off we go, maybe the monsters will raid their money jars and take 60p for an icecream!

No cost trips to the park...


And the monsters are just as happy to stay home! From indoor picnics.....


To making ice lollies...


We cant wait for the rest of the summer, quality time with my gorgeous family. What are you looking forward to the most this summer? 

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Summer Fun!

We have had such a fab day today! Friends from away came to Skegness for the day so we met up!!

Now I will be honest I was thinking it could be awkward seeing as we havent seen each other since we was ooohh maybe 13, thanks to good old Facebook and Instagram we have been able to get back in touch and its one of the reasons I love social media, anyway it wasnt ackward in the slightest...worrying over nothing! Dean was a bit quiet which is one of the things that drives me mad about him, he can be weird around new people and seem grumpy (not purposly, I think hes quite shy to be honest)

Lisa is a great supporter of my blog, actually she was the one who suggested I start one, so Thanks Lisa!! and is a great Instagrammer! If your a fellow Slimming Worlder or enjoy educational activities with your kids then YOU NEED TO FOLLOW HER!!! (I'm sure she wont mind a little shout out!!)

She and her hubs Paul were visiting with their cutie pie kids, Ella (who is the same age as Ellie) and they hit it off straight away! Then she has Hendrix and Cailan, who are similar ages to Evie and Jenson. Evie fell in love with the boys straight away pointing to them and shouting ''ahhhhh your cute!!!'' ha ha, the funny bunny!!! Jenson was his usual shy self, and was already tired after a late night/early morning! 

First up we went to the park and had some fun there: 

Then we wandered down the seafront and wasted, sorry,  I mean spent, some money on the 2p machines, the rides and the grabber machines (no we didn't win, just incase you were wondering!)

''Look Mum I can do it standing up!!''

He isnt being shy...it was making him dizzy!!

After last nights late night and a busy day it all got a bit to much for Jenson who got tired, stole Evie's pram and fell asleep!!

I hope that we can make this a regular thing it really was so much fun! Maybe next time we can take a road trip up to Lisa and her gorgeous family!

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